3 Fun Ways To Exercise at Home

3 Fun Ways To Exercise at Home

We’ve all been told that exercise is essential, and yet there are so many things keeping us from just going to the gym. Unsurprisingly, people fear the close contact and cost, especially right now. As a result, many of us forego exercise reasoning away it’s importance with a number of excuses. A lot of us even have false information and silly myths in our head that make exercising at home impossible. However, these thoughts are just that—excuses! Explore these three fun ways to exercise at home.

Walking Around the House

The easiest way to get started on a home exercising routine is just to begin moving. Even if you’re stuck at home, try adding steps to your day. Give yourself an hour to clean and stay on your feet the whole time. Try walking the perimeter of your home or yard and pick one weed on each pass. If you can get away for a bit, try walking your neighborhood block. Ideally, access to a park, trail, or forest preserve is the most fun. Walking through nature can be very calming and depending on the roughness of the terrain, it can turn into a hardy hike.

Dancing for Fitness

Dancing is a great way to consistently have fun with exercises. Anyone that dances will gladly attest to how fun and how much of a workout it is. Even total beginners quickly become enthused by the music and are challenged by the pace. Sadly, this practice seems to automatically get regulated to a ‘studio only’ workout. While it might be awesome to have a personal trainer, the reality is most gyms just have an area with a TV for learning and practicing dance. Why watch on someone else’s TV when you can get a DVD or follow along on YouTube at home?


Biking is a very fun way to exercise at home. Bikes have become easy to acquire with many handsome and even vintage models finding their way into garage sales and resale shops. In addition, brands like Huffy and Roadmaster also make attractive, modern bikes for affordable prices to match new customer and casual enthusiast budgets. What’s more, there are simple attachments that can be attached to the wheels of your bike for static exercise. No need to head out to the gym for an elliptical machine when you can just use what is already at home.

Written by Henry Johnson


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