4 Simple Ways to Lift Your Spirits During Social Distancing

4 Simple Ways to Lift Your Spirits During Social Distancing

It’s a crazy time. Not many people are feeling 100% themselves, and that seems to be the norm. We’ve been thrust out of our routines and limited to screens to connect with loved ones. For many of us, this digital life can make us feel connected to loved ones but can also put a strain on our happiness. We’re scrolling social media more, thinking back to the “good old days,” and not liking today. If you’re feeling blue, take a look at some of the different ways to lift your spirits during social distancing.

Aim for a Daily Movement Routine

Exercise is a massive aspect of happiness. People who exercise more create more endorphins, making them, generally, happier. Of course, there’s way more that goes into a person’s happiness, but if you need a pick-me-up during this time, daily movement will help boost your mood. Follow some tips to get working out back into your routine—your body and mind will thank you.

Try Something New

Your mind is begging you to do something other than sit in front of the TV or work on puzzles day in and day out. Though those are both great options for passing the time, when that’s all you do, your brain will get bored. Your body craves adventure, and although you can’t head out on a vacation right now, you can curb that travel lust by trying something new. Pick a new walking route, cook a new meal, read a new genre, or even switch your furniture around. This new thing doesn’t even have to be big—maybe you try out a different vegetable than you’re used to. Either way, focusing on something new once a day or once a week will get your mind off the tough things for a while.

Put a Limit on Phone and Screen Time

Like we’ve mentioned, a common coping mechanism during this time is to turn to screens. We’re catching up on our favorite shows and movies, watching new documentaries, falling down the TikTok rabbit hole, or getting lost in the news. Before all of this happened, it was important to put a limit on our screen time—it’s better for our eyes, sleep patterns, and our mental health. That limitation is even more important now that we can get trapped in bad news and past memories. When you notice yourself getting sucked into a negative space, put the electronics down and go on a walk or try something new. Technology limitations will be your friend through all of this.

Surround Yourself with Hobbies

You’ve probably heard a lot of people sharing about how they’ve picked up an old hobby or are learning something new. Though it’s not the thing for everybody, as each individual goes through different processes to deal with social distancing, it’s still important for you to surround yourself with hobbies. Whether it’s a hobby that’s been by your side for ages, like reading or writing, or you’ve decided it’s time to actually pick up those knitting needles you bought a while back—do it. You don’t have to be perfect at it, but these hobbies will calm your mind and put you back into a peaceful headspace.

Written by Henry Johnson


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