5 Ways You Can Use Multiple Planners for Your Life

5 Ways You Can Use Multiple Planners for Your Life
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There is something special about planners that makes us more productive—perhaps it’s the act of writing out our goals, to-do lists, and social plans. If you have more than one goal, you need more than one planner.

It’s easy to think you can take one journal and add tabs to separate the different sections, but what if you lose that journal?

Using multiple planners is great for increasing productivity, organization, and overall satisfaction! Here are five ways you can use multiple planners for your life.

Home Organization

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to keep up with house cleaning? If so, a planner can help you stay organized and keep track of what you need to do and when.

For example, your planner can help remind you when to clean the bathroom or wash the windows, so you’re not stuck wondering when you last cleaned those things.

Make managing your home easier with a home organization planner, and you’ll find it easier to complete your chores on a limited schedule!

Work Planner

Keeping a planner for work can significantly improve your productivity, project organization, and overall stress levels typically associated with heavy workloads.

How many projects do you need to complete this week? Write them down in your work planner to better manage them and complete them on time.

Health and Fitness Planner

A fitness planner is great for keeping track of workouts, duration, meal plans, body-specific goals, and more!

Using a fitness planner doesn’t mean you can’t use mobile apps to help you along your journey; try using health apps in conjunction with your fitness planner to increase your motivation!

Bucket List/Goal Tracker

Where have you always wanted to travel? What is your dream job? Write these goals down in your bucket list/goal planner. Try writing down each step you’ll need to take to accomplish those goals!

Sure, we may all have our bucket lists in our heads, but it’s more productive and efficient to see them in our planners, so we’re reminded of what we want to achieve.

Finance Tracker

A financial planner is excellent regardless of if you’re trying to save money or keep track of your spending. You can write your monthly bills and amounts, debts, and more in your financial planner and quickly raise awareness of your finances.

The first step to getting better with our money is to become aware of our spending habits. For example, if you’re moving out, you’ll need to create a budget for apartment expenses. Your financial planner can remind you to skip that new iPhone this year to save up for your new car.

Using these five ideas for using multiple planners for your life can help you get more done in less time. Isn’t that the dream?

Written by Henry Johnson


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