Don’t Run on Empty: 5 Simple Ways to Refuel Your Soul

Don’t Run on Empty: 5 Simple Ways to Refuel Your Soul
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Winter is a tough season for a lot of people. A lack of sunshine, lack of fresh air, busy seasons at work—whatever it may be, winter tends to drain a lot of people. But it doesn’t have to. There are actually tons of simple ways to refuel your soul—you don’t have to live on empty throughout the winter. From decluttering the home to meditating more to calm the mind, you can enjoy the season, not just survive it. Find ways to fill your cup back up below!

Declutter the Home to Declutter the Mind

It may sound odd, but a clean space does wonders for your headspace. When you come home after a stressful day to a cluttered home, you won’t feel relaxed like you would if you came home to a clean home. Clutter in the home can often equate to clutter in the mind, which can then lead to constantly feeling drained. Take some time to declutter your home each day, and then donate the items you don’t need to charities such as the Purple Heart—you’ll help yourself and others in need!

Swathe Yourself in Art

Art, in all forms, can relieve a lot of stress and tension in your life. Whether you head to museums, go to a show at the theatre, or paint more, art can help spur creativity in yourself and fill your cup back up. Sometimes all we need to pull ourselves out of the dread of winter is to see something beautiful—art provides just that.

Get Your Wanderlust On

Traveling is fantastic for the soul. Even if you can’t afford big trips, simple weekend getaways a few hours away can fill you up the same way heading to a different country can. Traveling brings passion and spirit to life that can be hard to find elsewhere, so if you really feel empty, fill yourself back up with some travel.

Tap Into Deeper Knowledge

Another great and simple way to refuel your soul is by tapping into your inquisitive thoughts. If you’re curious about something, learn about it. When you learn something new, whether it’s about history or a new instrument, tapping into the part of your brain that wants to learn can feel quite fulfilling!

Journal More

Our last tip for refilling your cup is to practice journaling more. Writing is one of the most powerful tools we have to process our thoughts and feelings and move forward from them. You can choose to journal in the morning to prepare yourself for the day, or you can write down positive thoughts or quotes as a tool to release inner thoughts and worries. You have endless options.

The sooner you work on filling yourself back up, the sooner you’ll enjoy all the beauty the winter has to offer!

Written by Henry Johnson


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