Healthy and Tasty Food and Beverage Alternatives

Healthy and Tasty Food and Beverage Alternatives
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We all want to eat a bit healthier than we generally do. However, dieting can leave us feeling hungry, unsatisfied, and low on energy as we go about our busy lives. This is why it’s important that we find ways to replace unhealthy foods in our diet rather than eliminate them entirely. These are some healthy food and beverage alternatives to ensure that you’re eating better while still getting the nutrients you need.

Veggie Chips

Crunchy, salty snacks are a pitfall for many of our healthy endeavors. As much as we try to avoid chips entirely, cravings can suddenly hit and result in disappointing setbacks in our diet. Fortunately, there are several healthier options for those seeking this snack. These products include kale chips, beet chips, and veggie fries—which all offer a similar salty taste without the excess oils.


Breakfast cereals are a wonderful way to start the day. However, many of them contain enough sugar to sustain a sugar high until lunch—and this isn’t healthy for our bodies long-term. So, to acquire the same amount of energy without a crash later in the day, try hearty oatmeal instead. This breakfast is high in fiber and protein, making it easier to digest. Best of all, various ingredients can be added to it to best customize the flavors to your palate.

Carbonated Water

Though soda alone is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the country, it isn’t the best option to drink frequently. It’s for this reason that many individuals look for ways to enjoy the taste of this beloved product in a healthier way. Carbonated water is a great alternative to soda as it provides the fizzy taste and drinking experience with considerably lower calories. This product can also be mixed with flavored additives to make it more pleasurable to drink.


If you’re looking to incorporate more fruit in your diet, smoothies are one of the best ways to do so. Often consisting of blended fruit and yogurt, these thick and creamy drinks both fill you up and provide you with your daily serving of natural vitamins. Many individuals even use them as an alternative to a full breakfast, as they can also supply your body with energy—depending on what ingredients you use.

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