How Can You Sleep Better When Working Late Hours?

How Can You Sleep Better When Working Late Hours?
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You work late into the night and sleep until noon the next day. Most nights, you can’t sleep fully. You typically feel drained and exhausted. This schedule is part of the job, but it’s often difficult to obtain the necessary sleep you need. Discover some ways to sleep better when working late hours to feel better the next day!

Manage Caffeine Intake

Caffeine gives you the energy boost you need to keep working long and late hours. Despite the spike in energy, it’s not the effect you want when you’re trying to sleep after your shift ends.

Drink caffeine in moderation. A drink at the beginning and middle of the shift is optimal. Managing your caffeine intake prevents that energy boost from impacting your sleep cycle.

Limit Light Exposure

Sunlight shining into your bedroom can wake you up unexpectedly. If your work schedule causes you to sleep long after the sun rises, try to block the sunlight in your room. Blackout curtains are ideal and can make it feel like nighttime even when the clock tells you differently.

Soak in a Hot Tub Before Bed

One of the many hot tub health benefits people don’t know is that it encourages better quality sleep! Soak in the tub for 15 minutes, about one to two hours before sleeping, sooths muscles, reduces stress on the body, and causes a minuscule spike in body temperature to help the body relax.

Go To Bed Soon After Arriving Home

After soaking in the tub, it’s time for bed. You may think you want to unwind by watching TV or playing games on your phone. However, the blue light from screens sends signals to the brain that it’s daytime, throwing off your circadian rhythm.

The best way to fall asleep and stay sleeping throughout the night is to go to bed soon after you get home. It’s an efficient way to keep your body from waking up unexpectedly.

Stick To a Routine

The final tip for sleeping better when working late hours is to stick to a routine. When activities become habitual, your body adapts. However, your body will feel the repercussions if you alter the routine.

Maybe you feel hungry at different times, or maybe you can no longer fall asleep quickly after a late shift. Stick to your routine as best as you can to ensure high-quality sleep every night.

Balancing late shifts and good-quality sleep can be challenging. Utilize these tips to ensure you’re always energized to live life to the fullest!


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