How To Get More Vitamin D Each Day

How To Get More Vitamin D Each Day
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Many important body functions involve vitamin D. It’s vital for your body to absorb calcium and phosphate and strengthen bones and muscles. Vitamin D is also necessary for your nervous, digestive, circulatory, and immune systems. But many people face this modern problem: a lack of this important vitamin. Find out how to get more vitamin D each day in this post.

Get It From Food

There are plenty of foods that contain vitamin D. Seafood is a prominent example. Tuna and salmon (incidentally the dynamic duo of sushi) are both fatty fish that contain vitamin D. Shrimp, oysters, and anchovies are also good sources of vitamin D. Besides seafood, you can find this vitamin in egg yolks. If you adhere to a vegan or vegetarian diet, mushrooms can provide you with vitamin D. Food producers also fortify certain products with vitamin D. Some examples include tofu, cow or plant-based milk, and some yogurts and cereals.

Take a Supplement

Supplements are another option to consider when you’re trying to figure out how to get more vitamin D each day. Taking these can aid people who are naturally deficient in vitamin D because they ensure that that you get the amount that your body lacks. Before you start taking supplements, you should consult your doctor to make sure that you get the right supplements for you. You should also note that most vitamin D supplements come in two varieties. These are D2 (plant-based) and D3 (animal-based). D3 tends to be more effective for the body, but some people may not want to take animal-derived supplements.

Spend Time Outside

Spending time outside regularly is a simple way to get vitamin D. While your work and other daily activities may keep you inside, you should try to head outdoors for a bit. Sitting by windows on sunny days won’t really help, because the UV rays that stimulate vitamin D production in your body won’t pass through them. To make being outside fun, you can pick up a hobby, such as walking, running, or biking. If you want, you can get motorized vehicles to ride outside, too, such as electric bicycles (e-bikes). These require less exertion on your part, as e-bikes work with motors to supplement your pedaling. In contrast to walking and running, riding an e-bike can become a mode of transportation you use instead of a car when traveling over long distances. As a result, while using one, you’ll be able to get more sun exposure without breaking a sweat. Soon, you’ll be set to get vitamin D without even thinking about it.

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