How to Organize Your Home Electronics

How to Organize Your Home Electronics
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Electronic devices have become a staple in the lives of modern individuals all around the world. From televisions and smartphones to laptops and gaming consoles, it can be difficult to imagine our lives without them. As our electronic device collections continue to expand through the years, finding efficient ways to store them is a challenge that many face. To help you tame your growing jungle of tangled cords and avoid tripping over chargers, here are some helpful tips on how to organize your electronics.

Control your cords

Tangled television cables, computer cords, and gaming console cords aren’t just a pain to unravel—they also look unattractive. As such, it’s important to organize them. Easy ways to help you get your chords under control include using cable ties to coil up extra slack or purchasing replacement chords with shorter lengths to reduce tangles.

Implement charging stations

We’ve all experienced the frustration of tripping over a stray charger that was plugged into the wall in an inconvenient area. By creating designated charging stations around your living area, you can avoid such an unpleasant situation and even improve your safety. Charging stations are composed of a charging dock that is equipped with all your essential chargers that are neatly plugged in and ready to go.

Sort electronic items by purpose

Sorting your electronics based on their purpose will make them easier to locate when you need them. For example, keep all your video games, gaming consoles, gaming manuals, and gaming controllers in one area. By keeping them all in one cabinet or labeled bin, you won’t have to rummage through your entire house to find the electronic devices that you need every time you want to play a video game.

Label your chargers and cords

In a jungle of different chords, chargers, and cables, it can start to become difficult to know which one serves which purpose. By labeling all your chargers and chords using color-coded tape or a classic label maker, you can avoid making the disastrous mistake of unplugging the wrong cord ever again.

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