The Best Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

The Best Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle
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Congratulations—you decided to transition to veganism! It’s a daunting decision to make, so now what? This article introduces some of the best tips for transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

Start Slowly

First and foremost, this is a huge lifestyle change. Transitioning to veganism requires time. It’s important to begin moving at a comfortable pace. If everything is done cold-turkey (no pun intended), this lifestyle won’t last.


The biggest challenge about this lifestyle is the mindset change, especially if this is your first experience with veganism. It’s about understanding your personal values—essentially, why you’re making this decision. Once you understand your values, it can help you keep an open mind and easily explain to other’s who may inquire about your lifestyle change.


So, obviously, the biggest questions are about the diet, how to adjust to it, and how to avoid feeling hungry. Put simply, vegetables are your best friend. You will want to have as many veggies as possible; they’re filling, clean, and good for you! There are a lot of great meal options, but one of the best is a smoothie or smoothie bowl. These are delicious and filling—and it’s better than another salad.


The wardrobe is an aspect of veganism that is often overlooked. Many fabrics aren’t vegan-friendly. There are the obvious ones, such as fur and leather, but many aren’t aware of common fabrics that aren’t vegan-friendly. For example, many don’t realize that silk is not vegan. It’s better to opt for materials such as faux leather, cotton, and Tencel.

Educate Yourself

The best tips for transitioning to a vegan lifestyle are all about education. There are so many resources available. Get a vegan cookbook or lifestyle-focused book. These will help you figure out if there are any supplements you may need to take. Many vegans need to take supplements for B12 or iron. It’s best to contact your doctor and get their suggestions first.

To conclude, veganism is a huge commitment, but it can open opportunities for numerous great health benefits. The primary focus when preparing for this change always goes into the diet, but there’s more than that. It’s important to make sure the clothes on your back are also vegan-friendly. Lastly, it’s all about educating yourself and changing your mindset. If you can find a community for this, it can make the journey easier, but it’s not required.

Written by Henry Johnson


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