Tips for Choosing an Exercise Bike

Tips for Choosing an Exercise Bike
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When you build a gym or workout station at home, finding the right equipment can be overwhelming. If you’re interested in purchasing a new workout bike but prefer to avoid the headache or countless catalogs, read our tips for choosing an exercise bike.

Identify Your Fitness Goals

Before browsing through different bike options, it’s essential to identify your fitness goals and expectations. Are you looking for an intense, fat-burning cardio workout? Or are you looking to build and repair muscles from previous injuries?

Different bikes serve different purposes. Once you identify the goals you hope to achieve with your exercise bike, you’ll be one step closer to finding the right equipment for you.  

Browse Through Different Bike Types

Upright Bikes

These bikes are best suited for users seeking low-intensity training. These bikes are simple in design, with a standard bike seat and front handlebars with front display controls. However, there is no back support to these bikes, making them more suitable for those without previous back issues or injuries. These bikes are primarily designed for standard cycling workouts.

Recumbent Bikes

The seating of recumbent bikes is much more comfortable and supportive in design. These bikes are built in a reclined position with the pedals at the front of the machine. The wider seating and stretched position of these exercise bikes evenly distributes the user’s body weight to create a fully supported workout. Due to their support, these bikes pair best with users with previous back injuries or joint problems.

Cycling Bikes

Cycling bikes mimic the closest experience to outdoor cycling and are the simplest in design. With little to no add-on features, these bikes are focused entirely on giving users a demanding workout. These bikes are optimal for high-intensity training to burn fat and calories at a rapid pace.

However, if burning fat and calories is a top priority, elliptical machines will burn a higher number of calories over the same period as a cycling bike. Adjust your equipment search to consider elliptical machines if a cycling bike does not fully meet your fitness goals.

Consider Space

An essential tip for choosing an exercise bike is to consider space. Before committing to an exercise bike, always measure the equipment to compare the bike’s size to your home’s available space. Equipment at the fitness store or gym can look deceptively small until it’s sitting next to your living room sofa or office desk. Allow yourself ample room from other furniture or appliances and set up your exercise bike workouts for success.

There will never be a shortage of exercise bikes to choose from. However, these tips will navigate through the different designs and purposes of exercise bikes to help you achieve your best workout.

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