What to Consider When Purchasing Workout Clothing

What to Consider When Purchasing Workout Clothing

When exercising, the type of clothing you wear can make the difference between a great and a bad workout. Choosing the right workout clothing isn’t just about looking good—it’s about feeling comfortable and confident so that you’re ready to take on even the toughest workouts. Wearing clothing that is too tight, restrictive, or causes chafing can prevent you from reaching your full fitness potential. To create a chic activewear wardrobe filled with pieces that will help optimize your workout, here’s what to consider when purchasing workout clothing.

The type of workout you’re doing

The ideal workout attire for you will largely depend on the type of workout you plan on doing. While those who enjoy weightlifting may enjoy wearing loose clothing, those planning on running or biking should stick to tighter pants that won’t get tangled in their bike pedals or otherwise get in the way.

Ultimately, the clothing you choose shouldn’t get in the way of your exercise. To find clothing that will work the best for your lifestyle, it’s important to keep your intended type of workout in mind when making your selection.

The material

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing workout clothing is the clothing’s material. The material of your workout clothing should ideally be light, breathable, durable, sweat-resistant, and flexible. Such fabric will keep you dry and won’t restrict you throughout your workout.

Examples of types of activewear fabric that possess such admirable qualities include spandex, polyester, and nylon. When going shopping for athleticwear, check the tags to see if any of these ideal activewear fabrics are on the list of materials. If not, you might want to re-think your purchase.

Your desired coverage

When working out, you don’t want to constantly worry about showing more skin than you intended. Clothing with poor coverage can prevent you from getting the most out of your workout. As such, coverage should be a key consideration when purchasing workout clothing.

To ensure your workout clothing offers good coverage, always try it on before making a purchase. If you notice that the leggings sag, you’ll likely have to spend your entire workout pulling them up. Or, if you notice that the material is a little thin, you may end up with a see-through situation when bending over or as the fabric wears down over time.

Keeping coverage in mind when choosing your workout attire will help you avoid an embarrassing fashion faux pas. Ideally, the attire you choose should be made of a durable material and have thick supportive bands to help keep everything secure as you move.

Written by Henry Johnson


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