Why Gratitude Is Good For Your Health

Why Gratitude Is Good For Your Health

From an early age, we learn to give thanks as a sign of proper etiquette. As it turns out, expressing appreciation for the things around us can have a positive impact on our health. While our physical wellbeing benefits from displays of gratitude, so do our relationships. If you need the inspiration to share thanks more often, understand why gratitude is good for your health.

The Emotional and Physical Benefits

Expressing thanks for the world around you, even if you have to remind yourself to do so, improves your outlook on life. The more you seek out things to be thankful for, the more you are likely to find.

Gratification for what you have boosts self-assurance and life satisfaction. Slowing down to make time to give thanks reduces stress and can even decrease your susceptibility to aggravation.

Gratefulness is an essential element of joy. People that make time to experience gratitude have found they are less often in pain, in addition to feeling less anxious or sad.

The Social Perks

Because gratitude emphasizes the importance of recognizing the things around us, we are quick to notice the impact of the people in our lives. Gratitude fosters a positive attitude, which can contribute to happier and more communicative relationships.

The most satisfying relationships contain people who both know how appreciated they are. Healthy relationships are just one of the reasons why gratitude is good for your health.

Ways To Express Gratitude

So, you’ve decided the benefits of gratitude warrant more of it in your life—now what? Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to express gratitude that can gradually improve your wellbeing.

  • Congratulate people for their accomplishments, whatever the size.
  • Give back to your community—there are a host of health benefits from charitable giving, too! This could mean donating clothing and supplies or volunteering with a local organization.
  • Handwritten “thank you” and “thinking of you” letters to friends and family as a sentiment of your appreciation for them.
  • Write down the things that you are grateful for every day. They can be minute things, like the great cup of coffee you had that morning, or highly impactful things, like good health or a close-knit support system.

You can incorporate these actions into your daily life without having to make any major adjustments. Though some may seem minor, practicing gratitude over time will boost your mood significantly. Keep the spirits of you and those around you high by noting who and what you are thankful for.

Written by Henry Johnson


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