5 Foods That Can Help You Manage Anxiety

5 Foods That Can Help You Manage Anxiety
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The anxiety we deal with daily may deter us from functioning as we normally would, making us fall behind on our work. With any struggle we encounter, it always helps to have something that will get us through this rough period of life. Food is a reliable source of nutrients and will help our mental health when we consume the appropriate ones.


Chamomile is in many foods that help people manage anxiety. This herb contains a compound called apigenin, which affects the body like some anxiety medications, making it a natural way to help you feel less anxious. Chamomile will be a great addition to foods and drinks to help the chemicals pass through your system faster.

Dark Chocolate

The bittersweet taste of dark chocolate is both helpful and delectable. Antioxidants called flavonoids in dark chocolate add a layer of protection to cells that will help protect them against the physical stress that comes from high amounts of anxiety. The flavonoids will also lower blood pressure to help you calm down faster in stressful situations.


Eggs provide reliable protein and energy. Tryptophan is inside eggs and is a key component in the production of serotonin in the brain. Increased serotonin will help a person feel less anxious and more complete. Adding different spices to cooked eggs, such as turmeric or paprika, may also help people with a heart condition who need help lowering stress.

Red Meat

Many people turn to red meat for a hearty supply of protein and iron. Iron helps the brain maintain a stable amount of energy for psychological processes. When the iron in the body is low, a person won’t have as much focus and won’t stay in a relaxed state of mind, and anxiety may occur. Red meat comes in various forms, such as jerky. Eating jerky will help manage stress by offering a nice portion of iron you could eat on the go.


Zinc is an important part of any diet, and eating nuts are some of the best ways to receive that nutrient. There are a variety of nuts in the world, and with the zinc they supply, this food will help your brain have a better chance of handling anxiety. Zinc raises the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric acid, which helps slow down the signals sent to the brain’s neurotransmitters, allowing your mind to calm down and pick apart information.

It’s difficult to handle anxiety, and it helps to use healthy choices to ensure you feel better. These foods will supply you with the nutrition you need to feel calmer.

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