How To Set Your Own Funeral Arrangements

How To Set Your Own Funeral Arrangements
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Nobody enjoys dwelling on how much time they have left in this world, especially if it distracts you from enjoying the good things you have in your life. However, taking some time to make plans for what should happen when you’re gone can actually be a kindness to your loved ones. Loved ones often find funeral planning a bit overwhelming in the midst of grieving. If you’re looking to alleviate some of their burdens, or you want more control, here’s how to set your own funeral arrangements.

Put Funeral Plans in a Separate Document

Many people assume that the best way to ensure their funeral goes according to plan is to put instructions in their will, but this is incorrect. If you put instructions in your will, your family might not read them in time because dividing up property is usually something that happens in the months following a death. It’s much better to make your funeral plans a separate document.

Tell Your Family

If you’re making special plans for your funeral ahead of time, it’s a good idea to tell your loved ones. Not only does this increase the chances that your family will find and use your plans, but it will also make sure they know what to expect ahead of time. No one likes to be surprised while they’re grieving.

Consider Your Family

While making your own funeral arrangements certainly allows you to plan things exactly how you want them, that doesn’t mean you should only consider yourself in the process. Even if you plan for a joyous celebration of life service, some of your loved ones may struggle to find joy, and it’s important to keep this in mind.

Pick a Reliable Funeral Home

Using a funeral home is the easiest way to plan your funeral because they typically offer different packages that you can choose to suit your tastes. They’re also professionals at keeping track of all the details, like how to provide meals for your guests, hiring musicians, and coordinating the event. Be sure to pick someone with a good reputation, whether it’s a chain or local establishment.

Assign Two Planners

Even though you’ll probably be using a funeral home to set your own funeral arrangements, it’s a good idea to put one of your loved ones in charge of overseeing your funeral plans. That way the funeral home knows who to contact for any questions. To be safe, you should also assign someone as a backup planner so that there’s no chance of confusion.

Planning your funeral is not exactly fun since no one likes thinking about their own death. However, planning things ahead of time is a loving gift to your family members because it allows them to focus on their feelings and memories instead of funeral logistics.

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