Best Practices To Cope With an Overwhelming Life

Best Practices To Cope With an Overwhelming Life
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As of late, life has a way of feeling like nobody can catch a break. The to-dos and don’ts, the new routines, kids are home, and then they’re not. Feeling anxious or depressed at any point in the last year is acceptable. Take a moment to self-assess what’s going on upstairs and see if some of these best practices to cope with an overwhelming life are right for you.

Stop People-Pleasing–The Art of Saying No

It might come as a shock, but people-pleasing is catastrophic, and we are all guilty. Having unclear boundaries with ourselves and our capacity opens the gates to the flood of yes’s we will say in our life. We must dive within and ask ourselves how much we are capable of handling.

If we say yes to everything and everyone, our plate gets heavier and heavier. Are you declaring a yes for you or someone else? Understanding that you have a choice in all that you do helps you navigate the unclear path. Along with saying no more and yes less, try things like:

  • Identifying your priorities
  • Ask for time to consider
  • Create an affirmative mantra

Ask For Help

We know how easy it is to ask for help, yet we don’t do it. For many reasons, asking for assistance tends to stir feelings of fear, rejection, and judgment. At work, we feel confident in our resources, so it is easier to do. But the interpersonal connections we share, where we tend to take our problems, is where the feelings fester inside.

One of the most effective forms of communication is being specific in your need. It is common for us to be the one friend with the best advice or everyone’s go-to for trouble. But to serve ourselves, we need to outline what we need when in trying situations. Implementing this best practice to cope with an overwhelming life into your day-to-day shuffle sounds intimidating but know that most people love helping.

Be Kind to Yourself

A good rule of thumb for coping with almost any icky feelings that arise is to be kind to yourself. This one is easier than it sounds, so try not to overthink it. Ensure you are fueling your body to meet its demands and dabble into self-care with this year’s must-have skin-care products. And always remember it is best to slow down when you sense urgency and chaos looming.

There is no doubt that the pressures of life feel like carrying boulders on our backs. Throw in a global pandemic, and the narrative becomes even more of a challenge. Evaluate where you stand with your priorities, circle of trust, and tending to your personal needs to help shift some of that weight back where it belongs.

Written by Henry Johnson


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