Common Dangerous Fumes That Occur in Your Home

Common Dangerous Fumes That Occur in Your Home
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The home has not smelled so good recently. If you’ve caught a waft of something not so pleasant, it’s likely time to check if you have one of these common dangerous fumes that occur in your home.


Even though antifreeze has a sweet smell, it’s dangerous to ingest. Even inhaling the aroma can cause dizziness, but it’s not as catastrophic as swallowing the chemical.

Once consumed, antifreeze can harm the heart, brain, kidney, and internal organs. The best way to prevent potential poisoning is to keep this chemical out of reach of small children—and even your pets.


Bleach is a cleaning solution known to have a strong smell and cause discomfort to those with asthma and other breathing problems. If it comes in contact with skin, it can cause irritation or burning, especially when it comes into contact with the eyes.

While using bleach, always wear gloves, a face mask, and even goggles to prevent contamination. To avoid any severe health risks, always use bleach with caution and never mix it with other toxic chemicals, such as ammonia and vinegar.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaner is not one you’d think is an issue, but the chemicals made in it can lead to serious health problems when exposed for a long time.

For instance, the main chemical naphthalene is known to cause serious liver damage and cataract formation. You can develop kidney issues, neurological damage, and even headaches from short-term exposure.

The best way to control the smells is by using a fan to clear the air and using a mask to protect yourself from breathing in the chemical.


As for many rooms of the house, researchers believe the kitchen is a hotspot for toxins. When reading on odors like smoke or other lingering cooking odors, you need to be aware of the health issues that stem from the exposure.

Not only does cooking smoke pollute the air, but it can also increase your risk of cancer and lung problems since it contains many chemicals from your stove’s flame. So, to better combat unwanted smoke and smells, invest in a ventilation system that circles out bad air and replace it with fresh air.


Ammonia is a chemical usually mixed into cleaning supplies to help break down bacteria in places like the kitchen and bathroom. Many don’t realize mixing ammonia with things like bleach can create dangerous side effects, even when used on its own.

You may experience eye, nose, throat, or lung irritation from prolonged exposure. Those with breathing or lung problems should consult with their doctors on the best cleaning solutions that won’t harm them. Additionally, homeowners should never mix ammonia with other dangerous chemicals.

As you learn the common dangerous fumes that occur in your home, it’s a good idea to know the best ways to use these items in moderation. If you have health issues, try opting for cleaning products with more natural ingredients.

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