Different Ways to Live More Sustainably

Different Ways to Live More Sustainably

As women, we take a lot of pride in living healthy lifestyles. That said, why not take our lifestyles one step further and help the environment out too? We’ve been trying to live more sustainably, and you should too. That’s why we put together a list of different ways to live more sustainably; take a look below.

Stop buying more than you need

One of the main reasons for overflowing landfills and trash everywhere is excessive consumption. The simplest solution is to stop the waste at the source and stop buying so much stuff. Now, we’re not saying you need to only purchase the necessities; rather, buy in moderation.

Before making your next purchase, ask yourself “do I really need this?” and really contemplate your answer. Often, we don’t actually need whatever it is. Of course, when you do make a purchase, buy from locally sourced materials or brands with high sustainability standards.

Be mindful of your water use

We’re all far too comfortable with having clean, running water at the twist of a knob. That doesn’t give us the right to waste it. There are plenty of easy ways to reduce your water usage. For example, you can install a low-flow showerhead or use the eco-mode on your washer. Additionally, you could simply turn the water off as much as possible. By that we mean, in between brushing your teeth, don’t let the faucet keep going—just turn it off. Small changes in your habits can have results over time.

Start eating more sustainably

Why not start implementing meatless Mondays in your life? Or, maybe you’re vegetarian or vegan and you choose to go meatless every day. Either way, you’re living more sustainably. Plus, in America, we waste an awful lot of table scraps; if we changed that habit, we could better the environment in two different ways. First, going back to our first point, you could simply buy less. Alternatively, you could throw your scraps outside and either feed the wildlife or let mother nature do her thing.

Seriously, just start recycling

We’ve all heard it before: “recycle and everything will be fine.” While that’s partially true, you can’t recycle your way out of a poor lifestyle. However, recycling to the best of your ability is much better than not recycling at all. Begin looking into other items you can recycle and how to do so safely. Some items include electronics and even your car’s old tires. That’s right there’s a proper way to get rid of your old tires that’s not bad for the environment.

All in all, we have to hold ourselves accountable. We know taking care of the environment is important, just like we know taking care of our health is important. So, why not adopt some of these different ways to live more sustainably?

Written by Henry Johnson


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