How to Be More Comfortable During Pregnancy in the Summer

How to Be More Comfortable During Pregnancy in the Summer

With the summer approaching, the weather is starting to heat up. This means more time outdoors, sleeping with the windows open for a gentle, calming breeze—and increased discomfort for pregnant women. Especially in their last trimester, pregnant women often find heightened discomfort as the weather starts to heat up. Check out this guide on how to be more comfortable during pregnancy in the summer.

Stay hydrated

As the temperatures begin to rise, you can become dehydrated more easily. It’s important to stay hydrated while pregnant, no matter the season. Many have heard the term “eating for two,” while pregnant, but the same is true with hydration: you’re drinking water for two during your pregnancy. Try to increase your water intake through the summer months, especially on hot days. This can help you feel cooler and have steadier body temperature regulation.

Stay healthy

Adopting healthier eating and exercise habits is important for staying comfortable in pregnancy in any season, but especially during the summer months. As we mentioned above, drinking enough water will help you stay healthy, but don’t forget about eating healthy foods. Staying active is also important, but many women have to modify their pre-pregnancy exercise routines to be safe and effective. Learn ways to exercise during pregnancy and read your body to ensure you don’t push yourself too much. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about the best ways to stay healthy during your pregnancy.

Stay protected

Keep yourself protected from harmful sun rays during the heat of the summer. Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing that will help shield you from the sun while keeping your body cool. Wear appropriate sunscreen to protect your skin, as skin changes during pregnancy and can be more sensitive than it was before. Invest in a cute sunhat to protect your face from the sun while outdoors as well since the skin on your face is extra sensitive during pregnancy.

Stay cool

Stay cool any way you can. Some women like to take cool showers or baths after a long day outside in the heat. Using a portable fan can help you stay cool during summer outings. If you have air conditioning, be sure to use it on hot days and nights to keep you cool and comfortable. Ice packs, lightweight clothing, and drinking plenty of cold water can help you to feel cooler as well.

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