Fun and Simple Outdoor Workout Ideas for the Fall

Fun and Simple Outdoor Workout Ideas for the Fall
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If you love the crisp breeze, the breathtaking shades of autumn, and exercise, then you should take a look at these fun outdoor workout ideas for the fall. Movement is one of the best ways to reconnect your body and soul with nature, and it’s important to get in your exercise before the weather gets too cold for you to do so. Head to your local park, stroll around the neighborhood, and get moving. Check out our favorite autumn workout ideas here!

Sunset Yoga

Yoga is always a fantastic way to get in some movement during the day, and sunset yoga is an especially beautiful way to do so. Outdoor yoga is perfect in the fall, when you can enjoy the season’s beauty and connect with the Earth. Golden hour yoga is definitely an activity you should keep in your back pocket for those days when the stress is really getting to you.

Raking Leaves

Get your chores done and get in some exercise with this outdoor workout idea for the fall. Raking leaves may not be the most fun when you think of it as another chore to check off the list, but thinking of it as a quick workout makes the task much easier to accomplish. Get the family together and tackle the leaves, and then treat yourself with a nice, soothing walk around the block to release any tension left over in your muscles.

Park Fitness

There are so many benefits to outdoor fitness parks, and we love the accessibility these parks provide for people to get in a good workout. Gym memberships are often quite expensive, but with the help of fitness parks, anyone can get quality outdoor time. From bench presses to leg presses, your local outdoor fitness park can offer you a full circuit workout. Try it out!

Trail Runs

Skip the run around the block for a run up and down some trails at your local park or wilderness center. Autumn is the perfect time to experience different trails. Trail-running is awesome for improving your balance, which is important for people of all ages. Try it out the next time you’re tired of the treadmill or when you just want to fill your lungs with some fresh, clean air.

Bike Rides

Summer isn’t the only great time for a bike ride. In fact, fall is an even more beautiful time for a bike ride than any other time of year. If you’ve ever wanted to go leaf-peeping, then bike rides are a great time to do so. Whether you decide to go mountain biking or just riding around the neighborhood, you’ll definitely want to plan some weekly bike rides.

Jumping Rope

Chances are, you haven’t done this since elementary school, so you probably forgot what a great workout this is for your body. Jumping rope raises your heart rate and keeps it steady, so you’ll be on your way to a great workout. Grab your rope and enjoy the fallen leaves crunching underfoot, but don’t forget—you can also make this into a great partner workout and practice your double Dutch skills!

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