How to Prepare Your Home for After Surgery

How to Prepare Your Home for After Surgery

When you have a surgery on the horizon, you may put more focus on the time you’ll spend in the hospital, and you could forget about everything that comes next. The healing process, however, is a huge part of a surgery’s success. Plan ahead and make your recovery easier with these tips for how to prepare your home for after surgery.

Proof the House

After an operation, you’ll feel less stable and coordinated than usual. Many ordinary things in your house suddenly become tripping hazards or pose a danger to your safety. Make your home safer by rolling up and putting away throw rugs, tacking down loose carpeting and electrical cords, and fixing other uneven surfaces. Inspect every room, and make sure you have a clear path to anything you’ll need to reach. If you have stairs, try to set up your home’s bottom floor with everything you need, so you won’t have to go up or down them during the first few days of your recovery.

Set up Your Wardrobe

Depending on the type of surgery, you might need to invest in some new clothes for your recovery. Loose-fitting garments made from softer fabrics like cotton make great post-surgery clothes because they won’t irritate incisions or bandages as much as other fabrics. They’re also comfortable and easy to put on—two important factors for your recovery wardrobe. Your doctor might also prescribe compression garments to help provide comfort and support as your body heals. Buying these ahead of time saves you the hassle after your surgery.

Prep Your Nightstand

One of the best—and easiest—tips for how to prepare your home for after surgery is to arrange your sleeping area ahead of time. Whether you’ll stay in a bed or a comfortable armchair, set up a nightstand within reach to hold everything you’ll need. This includes medicine, a phone charger, pillows, blankets, and a surface for dishes and a water bottle. You can also keep a book or the TV remote there for when you’re awake. When you have everything in reach, you can stay off your feet and give your body more time to recuperate.

Contact Your Support System

A network of family and friends is one of the best things to have after your surgery. Let people know when your operation is and what the following days will look like for you. Having a few available friends to help out will make your recovery process so much easier. Even if you don’t need the physical help, their company can provide a huge relief during those first few days when there’s nothing to do but stay inside and let your body heal.

Written by Henry Johnson


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