Effective Ways to Treat Pollen Allergies

Effective Ways to Treat Pollen Allergies

Many people suffer from allergies, and pollen is a common cause. Pollen allergies can become quite annoying at times, but you have some choices regarding how you fight them. Take note of these effective ways to treat pollen allergies.

Take Over-The-Counter Medicine

Plenty of medicine you can find at your local pharmacy can treat your pollen allergies. Taking over-the-counter antihistamine medicine might provide the most effective treatment. Some brands to consider include Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin, and Benadryl.

Nasal Spray

Another option you have for treatment is nasal spray. This treatment can help with several side effects that come with pollen allergies, such as itchiness and congestion. To use nasal spray, you have to insert it up your nostril. How many sprays you need may vary based on directions, but the medicine typically goes up each nostril at least once a day.

Allergy Shots

You can take allergen immunotherapy to prevent or minimize allergic reactions to pollen. A doctor will typically inject the allergy shot in the upper arm area. When you first start out, the dose starts low, then the dosage increases with each injection over time.

Allergy Drops

A relatively new type of pollen allergy treatment in the United States is allergy drops. If you’re sensitive to shots or nasal sprays, allergy drops provide another effective way to treat allergies. They come in a liquid form, and you place them under the tongue.

Close Windows

Besides taking medicine, you can do a few things around your home to avoid pollen. While it can be tempting to open your windows and get some fresh air on a nice day, check pollen levels before you do so. Pollen comes from trees, grasses, and weeds, so if pollen is high, keep windows closed. You don’t want to bring allergens into your home.

Wash Up

If you happen to go outside on a day when pollen levels are high, who knows what you may have on you once back inside. You should take a shower or bath once you’re inside for the rest of the day. Also, make sure you change into a new set of clothes.

Written by Henry Johnson


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