Most Common Mistakes Women Make in the Gym

Most Common Mistakes Women Make in the Gym
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The gym is a great place to meet new people and work on perfecting your mind and body. However, there are common mistakes people make that they need to watch out for to avoid injury and unhealthy habits. Here are some of the most common mistakes women make in the gym. If you’re one of them, avoid these mistakes to have a better workout and improve your health.

Skipping the Free Weights

Arguably the most common mistake women make in the gym is when they skip the free weights. For some reason, many women are afraid to use free weights out of fear that they’ll become big and bulky. Some further believe that weight training will make them look manly and unattractive. However, weight training is a great way to tone up, improve athletic performance, and maintain an overall healthy physique no matter your goals. Stop skipping the free weights and incorporate more weight resistance movements in your next workout.

Doing the Same Workouts Every Day

Often, women will only come to the gym for cardio. Others may use weights but only focus on their legs, glutes, back, or shoulders. While certainly not limited to women alone—men limit themselves to only one type of workout too—everyone must switch up their workouts to avoid burnout. After a while, your body recognizes the same movements and becomes stagnant in its goals. Don’t limit yourself to one type of workout. If you only weigh train or only do cardio, consider adding in the other for additional benefits. For those who do both, switch up the routine, exercises, repetitions, and number of sets to further increase the fat loss or muscle building process.

Not Using a Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are not bad. In fact, there are many positive attributes from wearing a waist trainer that many women benefit from. Chiefly, waist trainers enhance curves, tighten the midsection, and give you the hourglass figure many women strive towards. Additionally, waist trainers support posture and increase sweat production furthering weight loss and performance. Don’t skip on wearing a waist trainer in your next workout if these benefits appeal to you.

Improper Form

Of course, as with anyone, one of the most common mistakes women make in the gym is also improper form. Many times, people they fail to account for their form as they work out alone. Whether it’s pride, self-gratification, or they simply don’t know the true proper form on the exercise, improper formation leads to injury, soreness, and pain. Avoid using improper form as much as possible. Look up tutorials online to see the proper form or ask a friend or personal trainer for guidance. If needed, lighten the weight to perfect the form. It’s better to get it right than to lift heavier and risk injury.

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