New Trends in Eyelash Extensions: Uniquely Inspired Beauty

New Trends in Eyelash Extensions: Uniquely Inspired Beauty
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Beauty trends are constantly changing and evolving to accommodate a series of tastes and styles. As such, looks that were once highly sought after are now taking a back seat to new and exciting developments in the beauty industry. Because of these frequent changes, it’s more important now than ever before to stay on top of the current looks. This is especially true when it comes to eyelash extensions. With how diverse and creative eyelashes can look, knowing the new trends in eyelash extensions will help you find the perfect style.

Extra Volume

Vibrant and plump lashes have always been desirable, but the beauty industry has recently seen an even larger turn in that direction. Many love this look for its ability to widen the eyes and make an individual appear more awake. Since it draws extra attention to your eyes, mega volume lashes are also good for accentuating your eye color.

Several methods are used to get the full lashes that everyone is after. One of the most common techniques utilizes hybrid lashes. This practice combines an individual’s natural lashes with a series of smaller lash extensions to thicken their natural appearance. Additionally, hybrid lashes are used to make thinner lashes appear more natural by filling the gaps between individual lashes.

3D lashes are another method commonly used to increase volume and thickness. Specialized mascaras known as 3D, or fiber, mascaras contain small extensions that attach to the natural lashes as you apply it. This can elongate your lashes and make them appear fuller.

Eye-Catching Color

Additional pops of color have always been a great way to redefine a look, but it often didn’t apply to one’s eyelashes. Today, vibrantly-colored extensions are available to give you that emphasis you’re looking for. Attached as normal eyelash extensions are, colored extensions are used sparingly to add unique color without overpowering the hues of your natural lashes.

These extensions are available in a variety of color schemes to fit with a multitude of styles and tastes. Some of these color schemes include rainbow, which is more diverse and subtle in use, and mermaid, which is bright and eye-catching. These little introductions of color can drastically change the way you look and greatly influence your personal style’s creativity.

Bling and Sparkle

If color alone isn’t giving you the look you’re after, adding a bit of bling doesn’t hurt. Not only do glitter extensions give you the volume of base extensions, but they also lighten up your face and make your eyes shine. While you can get the same effect with glitter mascara, having false glitter extensions professionally installed will get you more symmetrical results.

You can also use a touch of lash jewelry for a more subtle sparkle. Specialized lash extensions come with a few of these jewels already installed, making them a cost-effective and easy way to incorporate some bling. However, it’s important to note that it’s easy to overdo it when using these large sequins, and the subdued approach is often the most effective.

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