Tips for Visiting a Loved One in Hospice

Tips for Visiting a Loved One in Hospice
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If you have a loved one in a hospice care facility, you might decide to set up regular visits with them so they can still enjoy time with family and friends. There are a few key ways you can prepare for a hospice visit—consider these tips for visiting a loved one in hospice.

Check Visitation Times

The first tip for visiting a loved one in hospice is to check visitation times. Before you go in for a visit, be sure to call the facility to verify their hours of visitation and set up a time to see your loved one. Many facilities will have specific time slots for visits, so you’ll need to ensure you’re following their protocol. Patients in hospice will have good days and bad days; therefore, you’ll also want to check that your loved one is feeling up to a visit before you schedule one. Plan accordingly and get everything you will need for your visitation ready in advance.

Have a Positive Conversation

Having a positive conversation is an important part of a hospice visit. When a patient is near end-of-life, it can be a stressful and overwhelming time; you don’t want to further overwhelm your loved one with stressful conversation topics. Instead of complaining about daily life or burdening them with your concerns and stresses, try to find positive things to talk about with them. For example, you can tell them about the fun things you did on the weekend or reminisce about memories you share with them. Find something engaging that you know your loved one will enjoy discussing to make sure your visit is enjoyable for everyone.

Offer Your Support

Another tip for hospice visitations is to offer your support. You want to do everything you can to ensure your loved one knows you are there to support them no matter what, and it’s important to know how to advocate for your loved one while they’re in hospice. Ask if there’s anything they need or if there’s anything you can do to help them. For example, you can ask if they need food or water, or if they need an extra blanket or pillow. Make sure your loved one is comfortable and ask how their hospice care and treatment plan are going. If they need help getting to the bathroom at any point during the visit, you can assist them or find a nurse to help if you are unable. Overall, you want your loved one to know how much you care about them.

With these tips for hospice visits with loved ones, you can prepare for a visit appropriately. Have fun with your loved one during your visit and make sure they are having a good time as well.


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