What To Expect in the First Week of Invisalign Treatment

What To Expect in the First Week of Invisalign Treatment
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Clear aligners sound like the perfect alternatives to braces. They’re nearly invisible in your mouth; there are no rubbers bands to deal with; and no harsh bracket removal is necessary later on. However, there may be some things your dentist didn’t mention about that first-week experience that you deserve to know. From the experience of people wearing them now, here’s what to expect in the first week of Invisalign treatment.

Eating Is a Real Adjustment

Invisalign comes with a really unique advantage over traditional braces: you can eat whatever you want. If you love crunchy foods or sweets, this freedom makes the whole process worth it. However, you have to get into the habit of taking out your trays every time you want to eat and brushing your teeth immediately after you’re done. Having a to-go toothbrush kit is critical to eating out, and snacking won’t be as simple as before. You might also notice that in the first week, eating with sore teeth is not fun at all.

Your Trays Will Need Frequent Upkeep

For anyone with a strange curiosity about how our mouths work, Invisalign trays are fascinating. They not only look interesting but also really reveal how quickly plaque develops. If your dentist mentioned cleaning your trays every day, they weren’t kidding. Your trays need brushing at least once a day to keep them free of plaque, staining, or smells.

Taking Out Your Trays Is Gross

Hand sanitizer and access to soap and water play a key role in Invisalign treatment. The first few times you take out your trays, it can hurt, feel strange, or get disheartening if you can’t manage it immediately. Plus, having your fingers in your mouth is not exactly hygienic. However, this necessary evil gets easier and less repulsive with time. By the end of the week, you’ll more than likely discover just the right angle or pace to get off your aligners without any trouble.

If you’re reading this article on what to expect in the first week of Invisalign treatment to decide if it’s worth it, don’t worry. As strange as these factors might seem, clear retainers have many benefits, and with time, the weird things that make the first week so difficult will turn into daily routines. Your eating may change, and you’ll have to develop new hygiene habits, but the destination is well worth the bumpy road you take to get there.

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