34 Great Life Changing Books To Inspire Women

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This article showcases our top picks for the Life Changing Books To Inspire Women. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

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#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

This product was recommended by Jamie Bacharach from Acupuncture Jerusalem

Any woman who is looking for the kind of inspiration that can help turn their life around should look no further than #GIRLBOSS. A successful entrepreneur and CEO who turned her life around from broke to creative director of a $100-million dollar retailer, Sophia Amoruso provides women with the inspiration and practical steps they need to take to become an inspired leader themselves. Not only does #GIRLBOSS deliver an entertaining rags-to-riches story, it presents it in a way that delivers universally applicable rules and tips for any women looking for inspiration and a positive change in life. An excellent read for all women looking to be inspired, regardless of their age or professional status.

More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth

This product was recommended by Kristy Goodman from PreConception

“More Than Enough” is a coming of age story of Elaine Welteroth a precious editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue and only the 2nd African American to hold that title in 100 years of Condé Nast’s history. The book is so much more than a coming of age story though. It takes a deep look into how women, and minority women specifically, learn to navigate life feeling “less than”. The book is an excellent reminder for women of all ages that each of us is “more than enough”.

Be Your Own Makeup Artist by Natalie Setareh

This product was recommended by Natalie Setareh from Be Your Own Makeup Artist

Be Your Own Makeup Artist is a full-color, practical guide book with custom diagrams, pictures, and explanations on understanding makeup. A resource originally intended to be solely referenced by Natalie Setareh’s private lesson clients, Be Your Own Makeup artist has burgeoned into a new, realistic, and sponsor-free makeup bible for the 21st century. This book is inspiring and re-inspiring a love for empowerment through makeup of all ages, races, and genders.

The Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship Journal by Karen C.L. Anderson

This product was recommended by Karen C.L. Anderson from KCLAnderson

Studies suggest that nearly 30% of women have been estranged from their mothers at some point, which suggests that the number of women who struggle in their relationship with their mother or daughter (but aren’t estranged) is even higher. It has been considered shameful and taboo to discuss the pain of dysfunctional mother-daughter issues outside of lofty clinical pathologies and personality disorders, unless it’s in a private support group where, often, the “support” keeps women stuck in painful stories, reactions, and patterns of behavior. In that paradigm, affected women are stuck conveying “lesser versions” of themselves, which, ironically, is often what happens between mothers and daughters who have a failing or dysfunctional relationship. This book is for women who: – struggle in their relationship with their mothers and want it to be better. – struggle in their relationship with their daughter…she’s changed and you don’t understand her any more. – wish to no longer be in contact with their mother, without guilt. – are estranged from their daughters, not by their choice. – are estranged from their mothers and no longer want to feel badly about it or want to reestablish contact but don’t know how. – are mothers of daughters and want to “break the cycle.” – have unresolved pain in regards to the death of their mothers. Anderson’s book is ideal for mothers and daughters alike, whether they read it separately or together. Open it up and find: – Various prompts and practices for building a relationship around healthy interdependence rather than dysfunctional codependence – A brand new way to establish and maintain healthy boundaries – A way to transform patterns that create pain into a source of wisdom and creativity, not to mention halting those patterns so they are not passed down to future generations – An informative and intriguing self-care gift for women in the form of a healing journal

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

This product was recommended by Liana Pavane from TTYL

The Happiness Project is an amazing read to inspire women. This book even helped inspire me to found my company! I know that for anyone who’s ambitious, it can sometimes become difficult to tap into joy while you try to grow your business or advance your career. The amazing thing about Rubin’s book is that it allows you to reconnect with what happiness means to you and learn how to live a more fulfilled life that isn’t purely dedicated to the hustle. This book has inspired me to be a more well-balanced business owner.

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

This product was recommended by Zhen Tang from AILaw.Inc

This is a great, life-changing book to inspire women and an enjoyable book written by Malala Yousafzai and Patricia McCormick. “I am Malala” is an interesting book about a young girl that felt the need to advocate education for girls and then for all children. She was born and lived in Pakistan until she was shot by the Taliban and taken to England for her recovery and safety. Now Malala is an international symbol of peaceful protest and the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner. It is a must-read book that empowers every reader and provides insight into the plight of women worldwide.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by S.M. Stevens

This product was recommended by Kimberly Carlisle Coghlan from Coghlan Professional Writing Services

This novel explores workplace sexual harassment in an entertaining coming of age story. Personally, I have also endured a sexual-harassment incident at a previous workplace, though it’s not a topic I have ever talked about with anyone. This book really inspired me to speak to my husband about it, and after that discussion, I felt liberated. For me, this book is inspiring because it’s not ‘heavy.’ To be more specific, this book is a great read, but it portrays real women in real situations, without exaggeration or dramatization. Almost every woman I know has endured a situation of sexual harassment or assault. And this book is relatable, for all women.

Broken to Peace by NeeJay Sherman

This product was recommended by NeeJay Sherman from Broken to Peace

Broken to Peace is a non-fiction personal transformation book of inspirational & spiritual reflections and verses that has been written with intentions to inspire and empower others to rise up from their pain and despair and step up into their light. It is intended as a catalyst for others to improve their lives through genuine connection, inspiring every reader to set off on a journey of self-discovery to achieve their dreams. Divided into four chapters, with each serving a different purpose, Broken to Peace is focused on helping women find their personal peace and how to prioritize their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Dance With This Book by Jess Grippo

This product was recommended by Jess Grippo from JessGrippo

Although it was written pre-coronavirus, this book couldn’t be more appropriate for the times we’re in: a guide to start dancing and (re)connect to yourself, from your home! Not just about dance, this book is a vehicle to help you unlock your creative, expressive potential which can shift everything from your work to your relationships to your mood. Each chapter ends with a dance prompt – a guided suggestion for a specific way you can dance alone in your room, to help awaken that chapter’s theme. THE BEST PART? It comes with a FREE digital companion, which will help you really bring the book to life. Through dancewiththisbook.com , you can access this digital companion, and receive email nudges to dance, a playlist, bonus writing prompts, song suggestions for each chapter, and an online community where you can connect with others on the journey. The goal is to inspire women to use dance as a tool to process emotions, grow, and overall, have fun!

My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself, A Guide to a Shorter Path by Marla Goldberrg

This product was recommended by Marla Goldberrg from MarlaGoldberrg

This raw autobiography-mixed-with-self-help book takes you into the life of renowned energy healer, Marla Goldberrg. She tells of choices she made that did not serve her well and what she has learned from that journey. Upon reflection, she is able to provide actionable tips, tools and techniques to help readers make the most of their lives.

The Self Love Workbook By Shainna Ali

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsuranceCompanies

Often, an inspirational book will leave you feeling a momentary high, but after a couple of weeks, you’ll realize that nothing actually changed in your view of your life. This book approaches the topic differently. It focuses on practical exercises to help you apply the inspirational principles in the book to your own personal life.

I Really Needed This Today by Hoda Kotb

This product was recommended by Katie Dames from Feely Feelings

Hoda is a beloved co-host on the Today Show. She started to collect some of the most inspiring, uplifting, and thought proving quotes and shared some of them on her social media pages. When she realized the amount of joy they brought people and herself, she decided to publish a whole book full of amazing quotes. If you ever need a motivational speech or pep talk, just open this book.

How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen

This product was recommended by Alexandra Zamolo from Beekeeper

This book perfectly ecompasses the situations that women have to overcome to reach that all-important glass ceiling. Yet, the positivity in this book is out the roof! Rather than focus on the problems, it provides clear-cut answers and strategies to rise to the success that you’ve always desired.

Girl Code By Cara Alwill Leyba

This product was recommended by Andrea Loubier from Mailbird

Being a female entrepreneur comes with its own unique set of challenges. A little more work and innovation often must go into receiving recognition, and the home-work balance often becomes more important. That’s why Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur is such a wonderful tool for any empowered female to read and refer back to over and over again.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

This product was recommended by Melissa Teng from Wit and Folly

I’m suggesting this book as it is an inspirational tale of pushing past your comfort zone and to never forget your sense of adventure. This book was one of the reasons why I decided to quit my corporate career in pursuit of starting my own business.

Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day by Jas Rawlinson

This product was recommended by Jas Rawlinson from JasRawlinson

If you love real-life, inspirational and relatable stories from women who’ve gone through tough times and made it out the other side, this is a must-read book. With 10 lived-experience stories covering a range of topics (including surviving and thriving after domestic violence, child abuse, chronic illness and postnatal psychosis), Reasons to Live is a life-changing book that proves trauma does not have to be a life sentence.

Breathe, Empower, Achieve by Shonda Moralis MSW LCSW

This product was recommended by Shonda Moralis from ShondaMoralis

Breathe, Empower, Achieve: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Women Who Do It All is a mindful empowerment guide for women who don’t have time for mindfulness but who do want to create overall work-life balance and reach bigger goals. Including 50 evidence-based mindful breaks, personal stories, and interviews with inspiring women, Breathe, Empower, Achieve teaches high-achieving women how to ditch the stress without losing their edge.

I Quit by Kristina Schnack Kotlus

This product was recommended by Kristina Schnack Kotlus from KristinaKotlus

I Quit: Facing Cancer with Faith, Family and Friends by Kristina Schnack Kotlus is a rally cry for anyone facing a difficult situation to choose joy and faith and embrace humor to make the best of their experience. Written by a brain cancer survivor, I Quit provides strength and encouragement to individuals struggling with any major life crisis. Kotlus is a two-time cancer survivor—she was first diagnosed with brain cancer at age 28 and relapsed four years later when it had metastasized to her spine. When she found herself diagnosed with cancer for the second time, she chose to quit on day one. But rather than giving up on life, her quitting meant getting a whole new lease on life. I Quit offers readers a chance to do the same. This life changing book inspires women to face obstacles and choose joy, no matter what. In her book, Kotlus shares the story of walking through her most difficult times with the help of her family, friends, and faith in a relatable, funny way. Kotlus gives her readers the confidence to listen to your body and question a diagnosis that seems dismissive or wrong. She also helps you understand that you matter to many more people than you even realize. Above all, she inspires readers to look for glimmers of joy even in the midst of really horrible situations; there are still so many ways to see how blessed you are even in the midst of struggles. Kotlus shares openly and honestly, with just a touch of sarcasm and a heavy dose of humor and faith, encouraging readers to decide that it’s time to stand up, wash the tears off their face, and keep going.

HumanKind by Brad Aronson

This product was recommended by Brad Aronson from BradAronson

HUMANKIND is an inspiring memoir and touching tribute to everyday heroes whose acts of kindness led to incredible change in the lives of those around them. Author Brad Aronson shares his story about the kindness that changed his family’s life after his wife’s cancer diagnosis, as well as stories from people whose small acts of kindness and empathy generated widespread change, transformed thousands of lives or simply improved the life of one person. In addition to these hopeful stories, he gives readers concrete, actionable steps to make a difference as well as advice for how to reach out and offer support to others.

Sex Without Pain by Heather Jeffcoat

This product was recommended by Heather Jeffcoat from Femina Physical Therapy

Women are often dismissed when they have chronic pain or sexual dysfunction, especially pain. This book is a step-by-step program that puts the control back into the hands of the woman so she can meet her sexual wellness goals, without pain. Written by a physical therapist with nearly 20 years of experience in treating sexual pain, these evidenced-based techniques are proven to restore sexual function so women can lead the sex life they deserve.

A Woman’s Journey by Paris Love

This product was recommended by Genma Holmes from Genmaspeaks

I have learned through my ups and downs as a daughter, granddaughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, business owner, volunteer, servant leader, and now a grandparent of one; life will throw you a curve ball and knock you off your feet. It is at that time, when one who does it all for others find themselves at the most vulnerable. When (not if) it is your turn to ask for help and most do not understand that is okay to ask for help. A Woman’s Journey shares the walk of Pairs Love and seven remarkable women who overcame despair and disappointment that uplifted and inspired many to stand strong in difficult times and how to become better not bitter. This anthology is a collaborative effort in giving a voice to remarkable women who have struggled with pain, sorrow, disappointment and life challenges. Yet, they are able to stand in their power and stay focused on their dreams and desires. They have built doors when they were faced with a wall. It is our hope that the future generations know they are worthy and capable of moving mountains.

Searching for God in the Garbage by Bracha Goetz

This product was recommended by Bracha Goetz from Spiritual Books

This candid and groundbreaking memoir by a Harvard grad documents how to overcome food addictions *joyfully* – by nourishing your genuinely hungry soul!

Greater Things by Kristin Beale

This product was recommended by Kristin Beale from KristinBeale

Greater Things is the story of Kristin, a young girl whose life was turned inside out in an instant, and was given no hope of normalcy. It reveals her journey to accept her disability, while at the same time trying her hardest to overcome it. It’s not about falling apart, but rather about making the most of a heartbreaking situation. The story inspires hope and the power of not giving up.

Blaze Your Own Trail by Rebekah Bastian

This product was recommended by Rebekah Bastian from Blaze Your Own Trail

Blaze Your Own Trail is a modern, feminist take on the classic choose-your-own-journey book, inspiring readers to embrace the fact that there is no singular right path – just your own! So many women enter their adult lives believing that they should know where they are going and how to get there. This can make life decisions feel intimidating and overwhelming. Through storylines and supportive data, Blaze Your Own Trail helps readers embrace and feel less alone in their own nonlinear journey.

Struck By Hope by Jeanine Patten-Coble

This product was recommended by Susan Stitt from Front Edge Publishing

The day after a diagnosis of breast cancer, Jeanine Patten-Coble was struck with a calling that turned her world upside down. In this book, she weaves her tale of running away from that calling—to finding her purpose. Her vision led her to found Little Pink Houses of Hope and a way for cancer patients to find hope in weeklong family retreats. In this book, she invites us along on this journey toward becoming “ridiculously present.” She includes questions for personal reflection and group discussion.

Friendship and Faith, Second Edition by The Women of WISDOM

This product was recommended by Susan Stitt from Front Edge Publishing

This is a book about making friends, which may be the most important thing you can do to make the world a better place-and transform your own life in the process. Making a new friend often is tricky, as you’ll discover in these dozens of real-life stories by women from a wide variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds. But, crossing lines of religion, race and culture is worth the effort, often forming some of life’s deepest friendships, these women have found. In “Friendship and Faith”, you’ll discover how we really can change the world one friend at a time.

The Opposite of Certainty by Janine Urbaniak Reid

This product was recommended by Ashley Sandberg from Triple 7 Public Relations, LLC

What happens when we can no longer pretend that the ground underfoot is bedrock and the sky above predictable? All Janine Urbaniak Reid ever wanted was for everyone she loved to be okay so she might relax and maybe be happy. Her life strategy was simple: do everything right. This included trying to be the perfect mother to her three kids so they would never experience the kind of pain she pretended not to feel growing up. What she didn’t expect was the chaos of an out-of-control life that begins when her young son’s hand begins to shake. The Opposite of Certainty is the story of Janine’s reluctant journey beyond easy answers and platitudes. She searches for a source of strength bigger than her circumstances, only to have her circumstances become even thornier with her own crisis. Drawn deeply and against her will into herself, and into the eternal questions we all ask, she discovers hidden reserves of strength, humor, and a no-matter-what faith that looks nothing like she thought it would. Beautifully written and deeply hopeful, Janine shows us how we can come through impossible times transformed and yet more ourselves than we’ve ever allowed ourselves to be – at a time in this world where we can all use a message like this more than ever before.

Finding Medusa by Donna F. Brown

This product was recommended by Donna F. Brown from Write On Donna

FINDING MEDUSA – THE MAKING OF AN UNLIKELY. ROCK STAR is a story of survival and overcoming adversity. Surviving and escaping from an abusive childhood left me depressed, anxious, and directionless at the tender age of 19. I jumped from job to job, pursuing an unsatisfying 35 year nursing career. After leaving nursing, I formed my own businesses, opened a yoga studio, performed as a professional pantomime, yet never did find my niche in any of these careers. One day I received a phone call that brought me back to my musical roots and changed the course of my life and musical history forevermore! A music producer in Chicago found a 45 of the music I created with my rock band, Medusa, in the early ’70s, and released our first album to receive worldwide acclaim! In my sixties, I rediscovered my passion for music, reformed the band, toured, and got mobbed by audiences from east coast to west, and our album even got a Grammy nomination for best limited edition box set! This proves you are NEVER TOO OLD TO FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS AND LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Her Story by Charlotte Waisman

This product was recommended by Jill Tietjen from Hollywood Her Story

Too many Americans think men fought their way to this country on dangerous sailing ships while women arrived on cruise ships.* Her Story *sets the record straight. Men and women came on the same ships and, shoulder to shoulder, built this great country together. *Her Story* is a must-read. We have had 400 years of sexagrated history – it’s time for the holistic view!

You Are Worthy! by Julee Hunt

This product was recommended by Christina Hunt from Haus von Albe

Hunt’s book, You are Worthy: A Guide for the Overwhelmed Perfectionist struck a chord with me as I left my consulting job in Europe and moved back home to the US. With 8 years of experience in 3 countries and 2 languages, I couldn’t seem to get anyone to respond to my job applications. Feeling low and wholly unconfident in myself, I read this book knowing I wasn’t alone in feeling this way – in tying my entire worth as a human to my career. Hunt shares personal stories and tools that helped me find my own worthiness again and start my own business.

Acts of Omission by James S. Bostwick

This product was recommended by Allyson Wyles from Acts of Omission

Acts of Omission by James Bostwick draws you into the daily life of a trial lawyer, catapults you into the courtroom, and has you on the edge of your seat anxiously waiting to hear what unfolds next. It’s a story inspiring men and women all over the world to become lawyers. Acts of Omission is loosely based on a case Bostwick tried, along with a brilliant female lawyer, in San Francisco when they took on one of the most famous attorney’s in the country to help a 16-year old boy with a devastating injury. In addition to courtroom drama, it’s a story of love, scandal, betrayal, and discovering the meaning of success.

Be That Unicorn by Jenny Block

This product was recommended by Jenny Block from Be That Unicorn

Be That Unicorn is the life changing book that will both inspire and motivate you to be the best version of you. That Unicorn is exactly that, the very best version of you. That Unicorn is a glittery, rainbow-maned metaphor for one’s joyful self…the kind of person we are all drawn to. That Unicorn is you. My mom has always said that people are drawn to me because I make everyone feel good about themselves. Throughout my life, people have echoed that sentiment. It’s the thing I love about myself the most: I’m the big sister, the BFF, the mom, the cheerleader, the coach…“the little unicorn that could” who everyone deserves. Let BTU inspire you to kick ass and take names while being kind to others and true to you.

Holding Space by Amanda Dobra Hope

This product was recommended by Amanda Dobra Hope from Its As You Like It

A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First_ shares the importance of mastering the art of being and learning to tune in to yourself, while also providing tips for the best way to care for others without either exhausting yourself or taking away their opportunities to grow stronger or learn something new.

Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks

This product was recommended by Jennifer Schlueter from Mind Your Subconscious

Do you believe that you can have anything that you want? Ask and It Is Given shows you how you actually can and includes practical tips and tricks. This book provides proven methods to fulfill all of your wishes. Want more money? Want to attract your a person / your soulmate? Want your dream home / car? This book’s got you. If you follow the instructions in this book, you will realize how easy life is when you choose to allow to receive. And you will receive. I’m a testament to that. I’ve been manifesting people, clients, money, and more, thanks to this book and its exercises. Creating the life beyond your wildest dreams doesn’t get easier than this.

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