Best Activewear Brands That Won’t Break the Bank

Best Activewear Brands That Won't Break the Bank
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You shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on workout clothing. Some fitness brands sell their leggings and tops at exorbitant prices, but there are affordable options out there. Getting in shape doesn’t mean you should go broke in the process. Check out the best activewear brands that won’t break the bank.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a staple in many closets, but you might have overlooked their activewear line. Their tops and leggings are comfortable and affordable as well as size inclusive. Shop in their stores or online and check out their selection of activewear—they have everything from sports bras to outer layers.


ASOS offers affordable but chic leggings and tops for your next sweat fest. With fast shipping times, ASOS provides low prices but doesn’t skimp on quality or trends. This activewear line features bold designs guaranteed to turn heads during your next trip to the gym.


There’s a reason why Target shoppers are notorious for stopping in for one item and leaving with dozens: everything is amazing while still being affordable. Their activewear is no different. Be sure to shop their leggings, tops, and sports bras to look and feel great at your next yoga class. Shop the clearance section to find some extra-unique hidden gems among those crowded racks.

Boohoo Man

UK-based Boohoo Man offers activewear for both men and women. Their workout clothes are durable, fashionable, and cost effective. Check out this affordable activewear line, which focuses its attention on providing high-quality clothing.

Celestial Bodiez

If you’re looking for affordable workout clothing that will make you feel like a badass, check out Celestial Bodiez. Exclusively online, this bold brand created affordable leggings that enhance your natural curves thanks to their innovative design. They offer limited-edition collections year-round, each with a unique vibe and style. Shop Celestial Bodiez for tops and outerwear to look like a badass as you cross the finish line in your next race.

All of these best activewear brands that won’t break the bank provide high-quality and affordable clothing so that you can focus on your workout and not your bank account.

Written by Henry Johnson


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