How To Heal After a Significant Loss

How To Heal After a Significant Loss
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The phrase, “healing isn’t linear,” couldn’t be truer, especially regarding healing after the loss of a loved one. Some days are better than others, and even those days can leave you feeling guilty. The bereavement process may look different for everyone affected by loss, with no single approach to healing being the right or wrong way. If you’re struggling to come to terms with a recent death, read on through our advice on how to heal after a significant loss.

Provide the Space and Time for Yourself To Mourn

Some people force themselves back into their regularly scheduled programs following the death of someone close to them out of apprehension over emotions or losing a grip on responsibilities. To truly start the healing process, however, you need to allow yourself the space, time, and compassion to address your grief.

Find ways to make time for emotional reflection and relief. Scheduling a couple days off work, having family or friends help with kids’ schedules or chores, foregoing a couple events—take a step back and utilize resources to give yourself a proper moment to bereave.

Spend Time With Survived Loved Ones

It can be difficult, and sometimes awkward, to connect with those who were also affected by the loss; death is a challenging, transcendent concept to grasp! Getting together with those who loved the deceased most, however, can serve as an opportunity for folks to rejoice over the cherished life, shifting the sole focus on grief and death to a lighter perspective.

Grief Counseling

Sometimes, all the emotions surrounding a significant loss can feel like too much. If any of the signs that it’s time to seek grief counseling sound similar to your experience with your loss, it might be time to pursue counseling. Mental health professionals have more individualized methods on how to heal after a significant loss that can be formulated for your preference and best outcome.

Fortunately, there are different approaches to grief counseling based on your comfort level. Group and individual counseling sessions are both offered online and in-person, so you can find a scenario that best suits your journey moving forward.

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