Experts Tell Us the Best Christian Advice Books For Women

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Christian Advice Books For Women. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

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Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila

This product was recommended by Stacy Caprio from Her.CEO

The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila is a great Christian advice book that helps the reader learn to develop more inner strength and peace, even in times of suffering. St. Teresa wrote this book in 1577 and its principles still hold true today. She was an incredibly strong woman and her book teaches others how to not just appear strong on the outside, but how to cultivate a strong inner strength, presence and peace in the midst of any circumstance.

I Know It Was the Blood: A Story of Overcoming by Ceola J.

This product was recommended by Ceola J. from CeolaJ

Does rape, domestic violence, barrenness, alcoholism, homelessness, divorce, academic failure and more make your life any less meaningful? The answer is a resounding NO, it doesn’t! I am suggesting this book to let women from every walk of life know “Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny!” My advice is to never allow the things from our past, be it the countless wrongs done to us, the mistakes we ourselves made, bitterness and old hurts hinder us. God has a beautiful life of purpose fo each of us to live. Lives that were strategically designed and purposed to impact the world with His love, His grace and His mercy through His Son. My advice, is to let go of the past and the bondage of its pain to live in the fruitfulness of God’s purpose and divine plan.

Midnight Mom Devotional by Becky Thompson

This product was recommended by M. Ammar Shahid from SuperHeroCorp

Say goodbye to your loneliness and meet to God at midnight to strengthen your broken heart in this heavily self-obsessed world.

Satisfy My Thirsty Soul by Linda Dillow

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

Find rest and freedom from stress and grief in God’s forgiveness. Includes discussion questions.

Struck By Hope by Jeanine Patten-Coble

This product was recommended by Susan Stitt from Front Edge Publishing

The day after a diagnosis of breast cancer, Jeanine Patten-Coble was struck with a calling from God that turned her world upside down. In this book, she weaves her tale of running away from that calling—to finding her purpose. Her vision led her to found Little Pink Houses of Hope and a way for cancer patients to find hope in weeklong family retreats. Jeanine Patten-Coble was named a CNN Hero in 2017. In this book, she invites us along on this journey toward becoming “ridiculously present.” She includes questions for personal reflection and group discussion.

Light Shines in the Darkness by Lucille F. Sider

This product was recommended by Susan Stitt from Front Edge Publishing

Clinical psychologist and clergywoman Lucille F. Sider adds her voice to the chorus of women in the #WhyIDidntReport and #MeToo movements. This is Lucille’s story of resilience and hope as a survivor of sexual abuse. She explains the challenges of finding her way out of a fear-based spirituality into one that is full of grace, hope and forgiveness. The unique richness of her book is that she wrote it to spark healing discussion. As she describes her experiences in these pages, she also steps back and offers helpful analysis as both a psychologist and a clergywoman. At the end of the book, she includes a complete study guide with questions for reflection for individuals, small groups and classes.

Yes Sisters by Angelia L. White

This product was recommended by Genma Holmes from GenmaHolmes

The best Godly advice I was given once while during a hard time, surround yourself with positive people who believe in you, was woven throughout Yes Sisters. As a womanpreneur, I often found myself interacting with too many women who had nothing else to do but dash my dreams of being a successful Godly business owner. Yes Sisters reveals through a compilation of short shorties by other women leaders of faith, how to break the cycle of negatively and to look for relationships that plant seeds of good will and wisdom while you are on your journey. This book is great for every woman no matter what season of her life she maybe in.

A Single Rose By Hannah L.M.

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsuranceCompanies

Humans have a tendency to wish for the next step so much that it consumes them and they forget to focus on living where they are right now. This book is written specifically for women who struggle with living their best life in the present. Each chapter in this book deals with a different common struggle and concludes with practical steps and advice to apply to the reader’s life immediately.

Pause 2 Praise by Lisa Swift-Young

This product was recommended by Lisa Swift-Young from Pause 2 Praise

Connecting when you are confined can be challenging. Pause 2 Praise 30 Days to Happier and Healthier Relationships with Your Adult Children will give you the tools to strengthen any relationship even when you are apart. As women, we want to nurture and care for our loved ones. Just like the Proverbs 31 woman, we endeavor to teach with wisdom and authenticity. This book offers mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and girlfriends a guide for sharing life experiences that will bless their relationships. The quotes, scriptures, and exercises will prompt dialogue for deeper, more fulfilling relationships. There is no better time to invest in your relationship.

Today I Choose Me From Empty Nest to Full Throttle by Dr Lisa Lewis Ellis

This product was recommended by Dr. Lisa Lewis Ellis from LisaLewisEllis

Today I Choose Me: From Empty Nest to Full Throttle is a book by women for women. Without a doubt, the reader will be inspired and encouraged by the women’s strength, faith, forgiveness, and great determination to overcome and live their best life! Five courageous women of God contributed to this beautifully written book, which was compiled by Dr. Lisa Lewis Ellis. Each of their stories is sincere, honest, candid, and full of grace. Their stories of endurance, survival, challenges, and ultimate triumph in choosing themselves, is to inspire other women. These women emerged victoriously, and so can you!

No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage

This product was recommended by Anne McClane from JillSavage

If you’ve ever forgotten to pick your kid up from soccer practice or accidentally worn two different shoes to the grocery store, this book is for you. Being a mother is not for those who display symptoms of the Perfection Infection. There is simply no such thing as a perfect mom. And there are no such things as perfect kids, perfect homes, perfect bodies, perfect marriages, or even perfect meals. With refreshing honesty, author Jill Savage exposes some of her own parental shortcomings with the goal of helping mothers everywhere shelve their desires for perfection along with their insecurities of not measuring up to other moms.

Empty Nest Full Life by Jill Savage

This product was recommended by Anne McClane from JillSavage

IT’S HAPPENING! You weren’t always sure you’d get here, but the kids grew up and are surviving-more or less successfully. But what now?! If you’re like most moms, you’re caught between grief and delight, and full of questions, loose ends, hopes, and regrets. Empty nesting can be a disorienting time, but it can also be the best time of your life. Jill Savage, an empty-nest veteran, offers you WISDOM for the murky waters ahead, teaching you what you need to let go of and hold on to, and ENCOURAGEMENT for when you’re feeling confused and discouraged and IDEAS for when you don’t know What’s next? Full of stories and new insights, you’ll find your spirits lifted and hope renewed.

No More Perfect Marriages by Mark and Jill Savage

This product was recommended by Anne McClane from JillSavage

If you feel like the spark is gone, like a critical spirit has invaded your marriage, like you want more intimacy but something is in the way, you could be suffering from the Perfection Infection. The Perfection Infection happens when we cultivate unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our spouse, gradually leading to intimacy-killing behavior, also known as the Seven Slow Fades. That was the case for Jill and Mark Savage, and in No More Perfect Marriages they guide you in everything you need to know to kick the Perfection Infection right out and return to intimacy. Hurting marriages can heal, and good marriages can become great. It takes work, yes, but No More Perfect Marriages will give you the insights, language, and roadmap you need for the journey!

Written by Eve O'Rourke


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