Plant Puns: A Few of the Best Gifts for Gardeners

Plant Puns: A Few of the Best Gifts for Gardeners
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Have a few birthdays coming up? Maybe you just want to show your friend that you appreciate their support? Whatever it may be, chances are higher than ever that you have a friend who loves their plants. Whether they’re out there in the dirt or they spend hours on the weekends watering their indoor babies, we’ve got a gift line-up for you. Explore a few of the best gifts for gardeners just below. From your favorite plant to a plant care basket, these are the gifts to give!

A Plant Care Basket

Who doesn’t love a gift basket? (Truly, who?) We know that gardening is a stress reliever for many, and this basket will target that. Of course, there will be items to help encourage the growth and care of the plants, but it can also include other treasures. Here’s what you shouldn’t forget to include:

A Plant Pun Item

You can’t have a gift basket without something punny. Get your loved one a plant-focused shirt, mug, or sticker—something that will help them think of you and you knowing their love for plants. If you wanted, you could even make something specific to your friend and their plants. Do they love fiddle leaf figs? There’s sure to be a pun in there somewhere!


We know, this isn’t the most exciting part of their basket, but it sure will make a difference in their plants’ lives. Gift them some helpful house plant food so that the next time you come over, you’ll see bountiful plants, and your friend will have you to thank.

New Pots and Tools

And of course, another necessary but often creative part of the gift is some new pots or tools. Go and paint a pot by hand. Get them some tools that aren’t as blister-inducing. These mixed with the other parts of the basket will make this gift a winner.

A Push Plant

What’s a “push plant”? It’s like having a push goal—the thing that’s a bit more of a challenge but will feel really good when you accomplish it. These are the plants that require a bit more attention, a bit more maintenance, and maybe some specific environments. Here’s a list of good push plants, broken down by houseplant or outdoor garden.

Outdoor Plants:

  • Orchids
  • Rose Bushes
  • Melons
  • Dahlia

House Plants:

  • Crotons
  • Elephant’s Ear
  • Boston Fern
  • Gardenias

A Fresh Tool Kit

If you know your friend is using tools to garden from ages ago, get them a fresh set! If they’re watering their house plants with a spray bottle that used to house cleaner (not good!), then get them a new one. It may be one of the more utilitarian, but it’s still one of the best gifts for gardeners.

These are just a few of the gift-giving options for the garden lover in your life. No matter what you gift, you’re helping encourage an activity that’s soothing for your loved one. And who wouldn’t want that?

Written by Henry Johnson


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