The benefits of having a dog in the office 

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Dogs are well known to contribute to improved mental well-being and happiness. In the workplace, dogs can boost productivity and transform the ambience of the office. Research shows that 42% of those aged 18-34 across the UK would like a dog-friendly workplace, whether the workplace in question is a financial company, a payday lender (read more here), a real estate agent or something else, the benefits of dogs in an office can be felt by all.

Office dogs help reduce employee stress, improve workplace atmosphere, enhance coworker communication, boost office morale, promote productivity and even increase employee retention. Here, we run through just some of the benefits of having a dog in the office.

Dogs Are Comforting

Spending time with dogs can have a calming and relaxing effect. 90% of UK pet owners say that their pet makes them happy, and 88% feel pet ownership improves their overall quality of life. Having a dog in the office can do the same thing for people at work. This will allow employees to destress from job pressures. 

The relaxing effects of dogs are proven by science. Petting a dog for just 15 minutes is evidenced to release the feel-good hormones serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin and lower the stress hormone cortisol. So, whenever you’re feeling anxious or having a bad day, a quick cuddle with the office dog can calm your daily worries.

Dogs Improve Office Atmosphere

Another significant contribution dogs bring to the workplace is their overall ability to neutralise day-to-day office tensions. More than a third of office workers feel having a dog around would help boost workplace morale, particularly in offices of companies operating in fast-paced settings like property companies and even estate agents, investment companies and similar outfits.

Dogs have a calming effect on employees when emotions run high. They can also act as a buffer to diffuse any friction between employees in the office. In this way, an office dog can facilitate better communication and an overall improved office atmosphere. 

Dogs Encourage Workplace Bonding

Having an office dog encourages bonding between colleagues to enrich professional relationships. Dogs are a great conversation starter to facilitate friendships between coworkers who usually don’t speak. Building new relations in the office will contribute to an overall happier and more friendly workplace.

Dogs In The Office Boost Morale

Shockingly, only 62% of workers say they feel engaged at the office, but you can help increase employee enthusiasm by going pet-friendly! Allowing an office dog is an excellent employee perk that will likely keep people interested in working for your company.  

15% of those under 34 say dogs in the office would make them feel that their company cares about their happiness. This morale boost will ultimately benefit the company through increased productivity from employees. Employee retention is also bound to improve, and your workplace is sure to appear more attractive to prospective employees.

What are the difficulties of having a dog in the office?

Some may say an office dog can be bothersome and time-consuming, and detrimental to the goals of a workplace. Indeed, an office dog will still require a lot of care: feeding, multiple daily walks, grooming, vet trips. Others worry about the mess dogs around the office may cause. However, having a few rules when permitting an employee to bring their dog to work can solve many of these concerns. Be sure to clarify that only office-friendly, well-behaved dogs are allowed in the workplace. Additionally, make it clear that the dog is always the owner’s responsibility while in the office.

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