Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning and Organization

Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning and Organization
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Spring provides a fantastic opportunity to clear your mind by cleaning your home. Cleaning helps remove the frosty haze and salt-riddled floors that accompany winter. Much more exciting is the preparation for spring and summer, but we must say goodbye to the old season to welcome this new one. Here are the top five tips for spring cleaning and organization.

Create a Schedule

Before beginning, it would do well to create a schedule or list of the areas you need to clean. Depending on your preference, you can give yourself a time frame and schedule out precisely what you want to do for the day. You may also create a list and cross it off as you go. However you choose to map out your cleaning, it helps to visualize everything, and it makes it seem less daunting.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Yes, even your washing machine needs a washing now and then, especially if you have a front-loading machine. The most important place to clean out is the rubber gasket that keeps the door suctioned and closed. This area has a fold where water and grime catch, which can lead to a mildew smell sticking to your clothing.

Label Everything

If there are areas around your house you have been itching to label, now is the time. This is one of the best tips for spring cleaning and organization. If you can’t think of a place that needs good labeling, consider the spice rack, toolbox, or storage areas. You should even label your electrical panel! When you have things adequately labeled, it will streamline the process of any-season cleaning for years to come.

Clean the Bathroom

There are so many things you might forget to scrub away when cleaning the bathroom. Make sure to clean any faucets and hoses, as these areas can build up quickly and cause mold problems. Clean or launder your shower curtain. Your shower liner might have seen better days, so give it a good scrub or completely replace it.

Don’t Forget the Furniture

It may feel a bit silly, but you should consider vacuuming any furniture: dust, crumbs, hair, and more sticks to the cracks and surfaces. Cleaning away the dust will help anyone sensitive to allergies and pollen. What’s more, you may even find missing and forgotten trinkets in or around your furniture. Also, make sure you remove dust before any other cleaning, as it can fall and sit on lower surfaces you have already wiped.

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