Tips for Building an In-Home Yoga Studio

Tips for Building an In-Home Yoga Studio

Yoga has been a popular method of meditation and exercise for many years. People have long traveled the world in search of the perfect location for a serene yoga practice. While an idyllic mountaintop or a peaceful beach are both great locations for a destination yoga journey, sometimes the best place for a calming practice is your very own home. Finding comfort among the calamity of a cluttered house, however, is a bit tricky and doesn’t exactly lend itself to mindful meditation. In an effort to escape a hectic household without having to actually escape the house itself, many people are now building their very own yoga studios right in their homes. These tips for building an in-home yoga studio will help you craft an at-home calming oasis.

Let in the light

One of the main goals of yoga is to establish a path to enlightened consciousness. It stands to reason, therefore, that the path to enlightenment should be illuminated with ample natural light. When designing your in-home yoga studio be sure to think critically about how the space will be lit. Natural light is the best option, as it helps create a stronger connection with the natural world. Be sure to choose windows for your yoga studio that allow ample sunlight throughout the day. Choosing windows that can be easily opened is also a good idea, as the fresh air will help invigorate you throughout your yoga routine. If you prefer to practice at night, illuminate the space with soft lighting instead. Candles or lights on a dimmer switch will help create a calming, ambient glow throughout the entire space.

Choose calming colors

Color can have a strong impact on an individual’s emotions. As such, one of the best tips for building an in-home yoga studio is to choose colors that instill feelings of peace and serenity. Light tones and neutral colors such as yellow, white, and beige are very popular choices for yoga studios. Try to carry the same color scheme throughout the entire space, as this will create a more cohesive and calming effect. Choose light-color wood or tile for the floor and opt for lighter window coverings as well. If you can’t abide by a colorless world, consider decorating the space with a few accents in your favorite color. This will help the space feel more personal and you’ll feel more comfortable spending time here.

Keep it clean

It’s long been said that a cluttered house will lead to a cluttered mind. As a muddled mind is the last thing you’ll want when entering your yoga studio, it’s important that you keep the mess at bay. Outfit your yoga studio with several storage areas to help keep things consistently tidy. Create a central location for your mat, shoes, and exercise apparel and keep any items that aren’t related to your yoga practice out of the room. The cleaner the space, the easier it will be to clear your mind and you’ll be awarded a more successful practice overall.

Written by Henry Johnson


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