5 Books On Understanding The Inner Workings Of Men

How To Get Into A Guys Inner Thoughts

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When you are in a relationship, sometimes it’s hard to understand how men think and what they do. It’s hard work for any individual as it can be challenging day by day.

As some of you may be impatient during this process there are many ways you can try and understand that certain point in your relationship. In this article, you’ll be given the option of various books that will hopefully help you in your relationship.


#1 Love Now!: Untangling Relationships

The Love Now!: Untangling Relationships product recommended by Jan Harrell on Improve Her Health.
Recommended by
Jan Harrell from SeekingSomethingMore. Find out more about the book Love Now!: Untangling Relationships by reading the description below or clicking on the button.

Love Now helps the reader create a conscious life, empowered and non-reactive. The approach focuses on the development of individual responsibility and consciousness.

Love Now makes two things possible – joy and hope. A joy that goes beyond peace, for it comes from a complete acceptance of yourself as a growing, evolving being. An acceptance that is free from all judgment, that knows you are on the human journey that is your destiny. An acceptance that allows you to delight in this journey rather than travel with pain or shame.

And, hope – based in the knowledge that you can and will find in your relationships the fullness of love and the emotional intimacy you long for. Hope that just like a child who has not yet begun school, you will learn – for it is not too hard – and both you and your relationships will be transformed.

The tools in Love Now are instantly helpful and can immediately stop people’s desperate attempts to control the panic that sets in when they feel emotions rise that they have no idea of how to manage.

  1. Immediate relief that we are not looking for who is to blame.
    • Trying to look at what is happening, not what is wrong.
    • Ends the fighting to not be the one at fault.
  2. Frees each person up to act like a compassionate scientist and look at where they get reactive so each person can simply wonder what is getting triggered in themselves.
  3. Replaces judgment with curiosity and analysis. Then the process of communicating and learning is interesting and exciting, not something to be dreaded.
  4. Rather than focus on what the other person is doing, look to whether or not we are being the person we like to be, and explore the feelings and reactions that get in the way of being that person.

Love Now has been introduced to prisoners in a men’s medium security prison in Ohio. The book is simple and effective – the culture in the whole prison is changing.

#2 The UnAmerican Dream

The The UnAmerican Dream product recommended by Carlos Hidalgo on Improve Her Health.
Recommended by
Carlos Hidalgo from The UnAmerican Dream. Find out more about the book The UnAmerican Dream by reading the description below or clicking on the button.

The book is written to entrepreneurs and professionals and deals with issues of shame, identity and worth (more than happy to send more information). Additionally, it has a chapter by my wife on her experience living on the other side of someone like me, who for far too long pursued the hustle and how it impacted her and our relationship.

#3 Deadly Prescription

The Deadly Prescription product recommended by Sarah Sherwood on Improve Her Health.
Recommended by
Sarah Sherwood from Dr. Robert E. Marx. Find out more about the book Deadly Prescription by reading the description below or clicking on the button.

I just read Deadly Prescription, which is very male. But it helped me get into the head of a male surgeon. I have read they tend to like mysteries–that even reading about the conflict helps relax, because it is a diversion from daily life. It’s a really good read because of the story and characters. Dr. Robert Merriweather is the quintessential male.

#4 The Woman’s Guide to How Men Think

The The Woman's Guide to How Men Think product recommended by Stacy Caprio on Improve Her Health.
Recommended by
Stacy Caprio from Her.CEO. Find out more about the book The Woman’s Guide to How Men Think by reading the description below or clicking on the button.

The Women’s Guide to How Men Think is a great book that helps women really get inside the male mind. It helps women wrap their heads around why men react in ways that may be surprising to the average female, as well as offers tips on how they can best support and communicate with the men in their lives for better overall relationships.

#5 Think Like a Man

The Think Like a Man product recommended by Alisha Billmen on Improve Her Health.
Recommended by
Alisha Billmen from Austin Macauley Publishers. Find out more about the book Think Like a Man by reading the description below or clicking on the button.

This hilarious MANual is a unique guide aimed at women who want to gain insight into the mysterious ways that men think and behave. Although you may think this is mansplaining gone mad, stick with it because jD exposes the secret desires of men, and how women can exploit this to get what she wants. Using humor instead of boring statistics, the book encourages women to understand the power they innately have over men and use this to build happier, healthier relationships both romantically and in the workplace.


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