How Do You Know if Your House Is Making You Sick?

How Do You Know if Your House Is Making You Sick?
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Cleaning your house too infrequently and the things you use to keep the air moist could lead to you becoming sick. That would be the fair answer to how you know if your home makes you sick. Find out more about what causes your household’s ailments by reading below.

Carpets Are Not Always Clean

Maybe it’s the drapes or the furniture that is dirty, but it couldn’t possibly be the carpet, could it? It actually can be. The rug in your home contains more dust, hair, bacteria, and dirt than you think. If you were to look deep within the tufts of your carpets, you’d be squirming to get away from the amounts of harmful germs planted inside the fabric.

Clean your carpet to avoid feeding it more bacteria. You can easily manage allergies and sickness by running a vacuum daily and shampooing the carpet at least twice a year. You shouldn’t only do it in common areas; you must also clean every loose rug and inch of fabric in other rooms.

Mold Grows in Dark Places

Anyone, with or without asthma or allergies, can be triggered by mold. The best place for this fungus to grow is in a warm, damp spot. Puddles of water are the best breeding grounds for mildew. If you don’t remove the growth, it will ruin your home and your health.

Reduce the chance of severe damage to your home’s structure and body by inspecting your home’s dark areas, including places where water leaks often, like the basement. Contact a specialist to remove the mold and treat the house to reduce rot. Also, as the weather warms, keep the doors and windows closed during the day to avoid humidity drifting in and creating wet spots.

A Humidifier Is Not Good To Use Daily

A humidifier is good to use but isn’t a daily solution, especially as the humidity rises outdoors. Using the humidifier too often leads to more bacteria growth, including fungi—fungus also grows inside the machine when it’s on.

You develop cold symptoms and worsen respiratory issues when using the humidifier too often. Condense the time you use the humidifier so the home stays below 50 percent humidity. If you’re ever concerned about the house’s humidity level, then use a hygrometer.

Water Needs Maintenance—Even Well Water

How do you know if your house is making you sick? One way to know is if your water tastes funny or looks cloudy. Sometimes, that means your water is contaminated, and, of course, one of the signs your water is contaminated is if you immediately become nauseated after one sip.

Just because you don’t like to do much maintenance around the house does not mean you get to let your health go to waste. Improve it by performing maintenance tasks like checking your water often, even if you have well water. Improve your health and well-being by keeping your home safe and healthy.

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