How to Care for Every Tool in Your Makeup Bag

How to Care for Every Tool in Your Makeup Bag
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If you wear makeup every day, chances are you’ve noticed how dirty your beauty tools can get after a while. It feels good to get yourself ready for the day and tackle it with enthusiasm, but dirty brushes and sponges could be doing more harm to your complexion than good. In fact, the residual makeup from these items can transfer additional dirt, dust, and grime onto your skin, raising your chances of developing acne and other skin conditions. For your overall skin and beauty health, make sure you learn how to properly care for every tool in your makeup bag.

Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brushes are the primary tools you typically use to apply everything from powder foundation and blush to eyeshadow. As such, makeup can quickly begin building up between each of the soft bristles. It’s recommended that you clean all your brushes at least once a month to cut back on this buildup and keep them in good condition. To wash them, use a small amount of soap and warm water to remove the makeup, and gently rinse them until no soap remains. Use a clean towel to squeeze out any excess water, and lay the brush heads over the counter to air-dry.


Makeup sponges make applying liquid foundation a simple and painless task. However, cleaning them can be a different story if you aren’t sure how to do it. For this process, soak your sponges in running water while working away any excess product with your fingers. Be sure to use a bit of mild soap to better dissolve the makeup. Then, wring out the water and allow the sponges to dry. Remember that this process could take some time if you haven’t washed your sponges in a while.


It may not seem like you’d ever need to clean your metal tools, but even professional lash artists regularly take the time to properly clean their eyelash tweezers. Simply use a bit of soap to scrub down your tweezers, rinse them with warm water, and pat them dry with a clean towel. You can perform this same process with any of your other metal beauty tools.

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