The Best Clothing To Wear After a Mastectomy

The Best Clothing To Wear After a Mastectomy
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Helping your body recover after breast surgery can take a lot of planning and coordination. To help simplify some of these post-surgery stressors, check out our tips for picking the best clothing to wear after a mastectomy.

Post-Surgical Bras

One of the most important articles of clothing to wear after a mastectomy is a post-surgical bra. Post-surgical bras aid in the recovery of breast tissue after surgery. These bras prevent swelling and inflammation and help to support and protect remaining breast tissue.

Bras such as post-mastectomy compression bras use medical-grade compression to control the blood flow in the chest and underarms to reduce the risk of possible infections. These post-surgical bras are antibacterial and wire-free and help support your chest without any added stress.

Loose Fabrics  

Recovery after a mastectomy should consist of plenty of rest. Opting for looser clothing rather than tight and non-breathable fabrics will give your body the comfort it needs to aid relaxation and healing.

One of the most significant reasons why loose clothing is the best clothing to wear after a mastectomy is because looser fabrics are more compatible for supporting post-surgical drains. Drains help the body release excessive fluids from your chest after surgery, which means you must ensure tube placements are secure and functioning. Wearing oversized sweaters or cardigans with big pockets to support drains will keep these tubes securely placed and avoid swelling or infection.

Looser clothing will also be easier to remove without causing any additional irritation or soreness in your chest and underarms. When choosing clothes for your post-surgery wardrobe, also pay attention to the fabrics. Lighter fabrics with soft textures and better breathability will feel more comfortable and soothing.

Front-Facing Zippers and Buttons

Excessive movements, such as lifting or raising your arms, are not recommended after surgery. To avoid these strenuous movements and make wardrobe changes as simple as possible, wear clothing with front-facing zippers and buttons. The easy accessibility of this clothing will prevent any added physical stress when changing clothes and make adding or subtracting layers simple. 

While clothing may seem unimportant when planning your post-surgery recovery, choosing the right pieces to wear after a mastectomy can significantly help your recovery. Consider these tips while planning your healing process to ensure you have the happiest and healthiest possible recovery. 

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