Trendy 101: Seven Simple Ways To Elevate Your Outfit

Trendy 101: Seven Simple Ways To Elevate Your Outfit
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Many people go through wardrobe frustration; you spend hours trying to put together a look, and after the wasted time experiencing emotional turmoil, your closet is upside down. Leaving the house in sweatpants and a basic tee, you feel that you missed a fashion opportunity. This article is here to prove you wrong! Salvage the moment with these seven simple ways to elevate your outfit that can put you on-trend.

Become One With Your Wild Side

Animal print is the go-to method for spontaneity and flair clothing elements, so why not use them to your advantage? Sporting leopard flats or a cheetah belt with your favorite pair of jeans can provide the pizazz you need to complete your ensemble.

When in Doubt, Add a Blazer

Dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a cute blazer when you feel your look could use a more classic feel. Black, navy, blue, and white are standard shades for a great blazer. However, you can always experiment with pink and red blazers for a dramatic appearance.

Solids Are Chic

When aiming for chic and elegance, solid hues are the way to go. Prints and florals are beautiful options as well, but solid blouses and cardigans won’t clash with your ensemble.

Add Delicate Jewelry

There’s no need to pull out the chunky statement pieces to transform your look. In this case, less is more. You can get away with a delicate cross pendant or a tennis necklace to add a touch of sparkle.

Don’t Forget Your Handbag

A durable, quality handbag is a valuable asset when you want to dress up a simple outfit. Stick to neutral colors like black, grey, beige, or taupe; these shades always appear more polished and professional. Remember, if you want to splurge, listen to your heart! Otherwise, snagging a designer handbag when on sale is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

Silk Scarves Are the Moment

Silk scarves are a stunning, universal accessory. They work well with plain white tees. The many designs of silk scarves and patterns draw attention to your neckline and shoulders.

All it takes to elevate your outfit is the addition of jewelry, a touch of exciting print, and other simple ways to make yourself feel fabulous. Feel free to experiment with different looks so you’ll feel wonderful on every occasion!

Written by Henry Johnson


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