The Most Common Office Health Mistakes To Avoid

The Most Common Office Health Mistakes To Avoid
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When we arrive at the office to begin our workday, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of projects, deadlines, and watercooler chitchat. But, if you want to live a fulfilled and healthy life in the office, it’s also important to develop healthy working habits. There are several things that office workers commonly do throughout the day that hinder their personal health and well-being. Learn about these most common office health mistakes to avoid.

Sitting for Hours at a Time

Office jobs require us to sit for several hours while we complete our work. However, this isn’t healthy for the body. We need to move on occasion, elevating our heart rates and working our muscles to keep them healthy. Otherwise, we risk deterioration in these areas, making it easier to develop illness and discomfort later in life.

So if you notice that you’ve been sitting for a prolonged period, make sure that you stand up, stretch, and go for a walk to get your blood flowing.

Adopting an Incorrect Posture

When you are sitting, it’s also important that you avoid adopting a poor posture. Sitting with your back hunched over and your neck curved puts extra strain on the muscles, causing them to fatigue and weaken throughout the day. This is why many office professionals start developing several types of lower back pain as they go about their careers.

Always take a minute to make yourself aware of how you’re sitting and correct it. Straighten your back, rest your feet on the floor, and lift your neck so that it’s level with your computer screen.

Forgetting To Drink Water

Another of the most common office health mistakes to avoid is allowing yourself to become dehydrated as you go about your day. Dehydration can result in mental and physical fatigue, hindering everything from your productivity levels to your digestive health.

For women, this means drinking around 11½ cups every day. Drinking more water also encourages you to stand more often, as you’ll need to visit the restroom much more regularly.

Eating Too Many Unhealthy Snacks

Many office professionals make the mistake of eating unhealthy snacks throughout their workday. While we all need that pick-me-up, reaching for a bag of chips instead of an apple can have a harmful impact if done too often.

So try to make the healthier choice when possible. This way, you won’t spoil your lunch, and you’ll have enough clean energy to keep you clear-headed and productive in the afternoon.

In identifying these common mistakes and unhealthy habits, you can start making changes to correct them. This way, you can give your body the advantage it needs to stay healthy and active long after you retire.

Written by Henry Johnson


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