Tips for Improving Your Quality of Sleep

Tips for Improving Your Quality of Sleep
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You spent the entire day following your routine and finishing your tasks. You come home exhausted, ready to collapse into your bed at any moment. But you can’t get comfortable or fall asleep when you need rest most.

There are many reasons for this, but it’s crucial to figure out the cause so that you can remedy your sleep problem. Let’s review some tips for improving your sleep quality starting tonight.

Remove Distracting Lights & Sounds

Do you tend to scroll on your phone as you lay in bed? Do you have a partner who enjoys watching television next to you? These could be a few reasons you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night.

Start by lowering the temperature in your room, reducing the amount of light, and quieting your room before you lay down to rest. These small changes can significantly affect your sleep quality and how refreshed you feel in the morning.

Avoid Heavy Meals, Alcohol, & Caffeine

Shortly before trying to sleep, you might enjoy an excellent pasta dish and a glass of wine to end the night. However, that can quickly impact your sleep quality by causing constant tossing and turning, stomach discomfort, and waking throughout the night.

One way to improve your sleep is by eating earlier in the evening, passing up on a glass of wine, and skipping caffeinated soda. You’ll find it easier to lie in bed and not worry about feeling too full or uncomfortable to sleep.

Adjust Your Current Bed Layout

Sometimes a couple of thick blankets can make you feel too claustrophobic or hot throughout the night. You constantly wake up feeling overheated or shivering from being cold. Consider changing the layout of your bed to better match your needs.

Whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper, you can achieve comfortable sleep by making small adjustments. If you’re waking up blazing hot in the night, consider thinner sheets and having a fan on to keep your body cold. If you can’t get warm through the night, throw on an extra blanket and wear pajamas that cover more of your body.

Reduce or Cut Out Naps

Once you curl up on the couch after a good lunch, you can immediately feel your body relaxing and your eyelids becoming heavy. Before you know it, you wake up three hours later and feel wide awake.

Naps can provide more energy to get work done. However, if you nap too late in the day or sleep for too long, these naps can prevent you from falling asleep properly at night. If you feel tired throughout the day, put yourself on a 15-minute timer for a power nap or take a walk around the block to wake yourself up.

Sleeping is a crucial part of your everyday schedule. It makes you feel rejuvenated, balances hormones, aids in immunity, and helps you feel better mentally. Prioritize improving your sleep to better your general well-being.

Written by Henry Johnson


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