5 Best Tips To Follow When Cleaning Your Home Gym

5 Best Tips To Follow When Cleaning Your Home Gym
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As more people begin to incorporate a gym into their homes, not only are they searching for affordable weight racks and cardio machines, but they also need to know how to maintain their gym equipment. The only thing that separates your home gym from that in a commercial space is the location, so it only makes sense that your machines, weights, and mats still accumulate dirt, dust, and grime the way they would at your local fitness center. These are the five best tips to follow when cleaning your home gym to ensure your workout area is always at its best.

Wipe Down Your Weights and Machines

You might share this workout area with someone, and if that’s the case, you want to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Use an antibacterial wipe or spray to clean weights and machines after every use.

Once a week, focus on electronic screens on treadmills and ellipticals and consider sweeping throughout your home gym for a tidy appearance.

Lubricate All Moving Parts on Machines

Wear and tear are typical in all machines with moving parts. Friction and heat present within the joints of your exercise equipment are responsible for their gradual wear and, if it’s excessive, can cause significant damage to your gym machines.

Treadmills and other gym equipment need some lubrication now and then to keep rust from breaking down their moving parts. Consider contacting your location fitness store for recommendations on how to clean this equipment or a local professional who can do it for you.

Maintain the Mats

Your mats accumulate so much dirt and sweat that it’s almost a crime to leave them unclean! Mats can develop mold and smells that make your area an undesirable place to work out. You can throw your fabric rugs into the washer for a quick cycle, while rubber mats can benefit from a thorough wipe-down with dish soap and water.

Freshen the Air

Fitness centers have the assistance of AC units to filter the air through their space. If your home gym doesn’t have good ventilation, you’ll want to have an odor-neutralizing spray or air fresheners on hand to keep your workout area smelling fresh. If not, a fan to drive out odors will do just as well.

Check Manuals for Further Cleaning Instructions

You might think that those manuals are only good for guiding you through machine assembly and initial home gym setup, but they are so much more than that. Your treadmill’s manual will help you clean, maintain, and troubleshoot issues that could arise during use. You’ll want to keep these handy books around.

It’s essential to keep your gym equipment clean and sanitary even when you’re working out at home. Follow these five best tips when cleaning your home gym so that you can keep your workout zone running for longer.

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