Simple and Relaxing Ways to Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Simple and Relaxing Ways to Enhance Your Meditation Practice
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With the constant stresses of work, life, and social media, it’s important to take a step back and breathe every once in a while. Meditation is a simple way to clear your head, practice self-care, and indulge in some much-needed alone time. Below are three ways to enhance your meditation practice and bring balance to your life.

Healing crystals

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, and bring clarity to your mind. One of the best ways to enhance your mediation practice is to meditate with crystals. The healing energy of crystals will allow you to better focus on your specific goals and desired outcomes of your mediation practice. If, for instance, you hope to balance your mind and spirit in the wake of a difficult decision, you may choose to meditate with an ametrine crystal. Every crystal possesses its own specific energy, however, so it’s important to consider your mediation goals when you choose a stone to integrate into your practice.

Guided mediation

If you’re new to meditation or want to gain a bit more focus in your practice, try guided meditation. There are many apps available that offer a large selection of these guided sessions. These apps usually provide several different ways to customize your practice. You can adjust the ambient noise and duration of your practice, and some apps even allow you to choose the voice of your guide. Calm, a free guided meditation app, even offers sleep meditations narrated by famous figures such as Matthew McConaughey. There are also many videos available online that offer guided mediation practices, as well.

Essential oils

If you prefer a simple, self-guided meditation session but still want to enhance your practice, consider adding elements of aromatherapy. Using essential oils, either in a diffuser or by applying the oils directly to your skin, will help stimulate your senses and promote further relaxation. Choose an essential oil that pairs well with your meditation goals. Lavender and eucalyptus can have a very calming effect and help reduce feelings of anxiety, while peppermint and rosemary can increase your ability to focus. Additionally, you may find that a blend of scents is more ideal for your practice. Blends typically layer several different oils and scents to create a specific mood. A blend of geranium, lavender, orange, and patchouli, for instance, will create the perfect aura for relaxation.

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