Best Self-Defense Tips for Women

Best Self-Defense Tips for Women

Although we may wish it wasn’t true, dangerous, unanticipated situations can arise in our lives. For this reason, it’s best to prepare for a circumstance where someone tries to assault you. Here are the best self-defense tips for women you can use to keep yourself safe.

Maintain High Awareness

If you can avoid a dangerous situation altogether, you should do so. Small actions such as refraining from using headphones or your phone while you walk can help you to move away from shifty individuals long before they have the chance to do anything. It is also important to remain in well-lit, public areas where there a lot of people, as this will deter someone from trying to attack you. They know that you can easily find help when there are many people around.

Carry Protective Items

An additional measure that you should take is to carry around protective items with you in your bag and close to your person. Choose items such as pepper spray or a taser, which will deter an assailant. There are a lot of products on the market today that comes disguised as common items such as combs or lipstick which you can make use of in a dire moment. Many of them are quite small too, so they won’t take up unnecessary space and are easy to keep with you.

Train Cardiovascular Endurance

While you might not enjoy running or doing other forms of exercise that work your cardiovascular endurance, staying in good physical shape can save your life. Cardiovascular conditioning can help with running from an assault or defending yourself if you have no means of escape. If you can’t sustain a run for very long, the attacker may catch up to you and the situation will be no better than it was before.

Learn Martial Arts

Martial arts are often a fun hobby or engaging sport for many people, but they can also be a method of learning serious self-defense. Find an art that focuses on real-life practicality, and you will have a useful arsenal that you can bring forth when you are in immediate danger. Take Krav Maga, for instance. This martial art was for the Israel Defense Forces and teaches you how to target vulnerable areas of the body and use objects around you as weapons. Another great martial art is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because of how it relies on leverage over power and size.

Written by Henry Johnson


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