Give the Gift of Convenience to Your College Student

Between leaving home for the first time, studying for exams, navigating a new campus, city, or state, students have a lot on their plate. Being burdened with such new responsibilities makes it much easier to forget the little things that add up to a big headache. 

This is where The Keyper comes in. A phone wallet that holds both of a student’s necessities; their I.D card and their dorm key.

Lost keys are a huge problem for college students. Most students keep their keys in easily forgotten places like pockets, wallets, or on lanyards. Many students even tie their keys to their wrist with a hair tie which is both uncomfortable and easy to leave behind. A market research survey revealed that 42% of students had lost their dorm key at least one time during 2018. Of these students, 26% of them had to purchase a replacement key which costs an average of $73. Both students and universities are paying for this. So it’s fair to say that students needed a solution to prevent the headache of lost dorm and apartment keys.

The Keyper was founded by two students (Ezra Gershanok and Jacob Halbert) in their sophomore year at Penn State. The mission of Keyper is to make the lost dorm key a thing of the past. Keypers are offered in multiple student designs and have been purchased by students from Miami to Seattle to Boston.  

Purchase your student’s Keyper here.

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