Signs It’s Time to Get New Eyelash Extensions

Signs It’s Time to Get New Eyelash Extensions

It’s no secret that a nice set of eyelash extensions can complete a person’s look. Providing your natural lashes with full volume and vivid color, these products draw extra attention to your stunning eyes and make them your face’s defining feature. However, when you’ve had the same set of extensions for a while, you need to know when to get them replaced. Otherwise, you could experience discomfort that endangers not just your appearance but your eyes as well. These are a few of the tell-tale signs it’s time to get new eyelash extensions and protect your eyes from potential harm.

Irritation Around the Eye Area

In order for your eyelash extensions to sit on your eyelids without interfering with your sight, they need to be attached with a proper adhesive. When applied incorrectly, or with a less-than-quality product, they can begin drooping and twisting out of place. This can eventually lead to them falling into your eyes, poking you, and causing general discomfort. Should these things happen, you should see about getting them removed or getting them reapplied.

Brushing Causes Discomfort

Your lashes also shouldn’t hurt you while they’re being brushed. Brushing is a crucial step in proper eyelash aftercare to keep your eyelash extensions strong and maintain their appearance. As such, the act of running your lash brush through them shouldn’t provoke any pulling or snagging that can rip them out and cause you pain. If any of these things do happen while you’re brushing them, it’s often a sign that adhesive is matted into the lashes themselves, causing them to stick together.

The Application Process Burns Your Eyes

Another important sign it’s time to get new eyelash extensions is if they burned or irritated your skin while they were being attached. Certain extension cleaners or adhesives can produce fumes when being applied that waft into your eyes and cause a burning sensation. Certain products can also trigger allergic reactions that cause your eyelids to burn past the time of application. This isn’t something you should have to tolerate, so you must let your lash artist know immediately if this happens to you.

Poor Product or Artist Reputation

Research is vital to choosing the right lash artist and products for you. Without the necessary information, you can risk getting poor results or paying more for products that don’t last. Professional lash artists should have ample training in classic lash application and only use the best professional eyelash extensions to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. The better this service is, the healthier your lashes will look and feel. If you aren’t as confident in the artist or products you’ve chosen, it’s best to keep looking.

Written by Henry Johnson


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