Beginner Books for Women to Read on Programming

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Programming is an industry that is lagging behind many others in its gender equality. Google has stated that only 17% of its workforce is female and companies like Facebook have revealed that women only account for 15% of their workforce.

Studies have shown that much of the trouble with gender disparity in the programming field is related to school. Many female students are not exposed to STEM classes or programming classes at all in secondary school. By the time they are interested enough to seek a degree, many women feel so far behind in their studies that getting a programming degree seems unattainable.

Thankfully, there are a vast number of great books on the market that teach beginners the nuts and bolts of programming. These books can help launch women into the tech field simply be making the topic approachable and helping them to prepare for college classes.

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The Best Beginner Books for Women to Read on Programming

  1. Python Programming: A Smart Approach for Absolute Beginners : This book is a great treatment of Python and provides all the basics to get a good grounding in the topic. Many people who have read the book have felt empowered to apply for their first programming job or to head off to their college classes ready to tackle the subject matter.
  2. C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide : Written by an expert in the field who also consults with software companies and been a programmer and trainer for over twenty years, this book will give you a great foundation in easy to understand language. It is good at demonstrating code through images and diagrams.
  3. Coding by Doing: For Absolute Beginners: This is a great quick treatment on the topic of coding and programming and it speaks to any level of beginner. It is efficient and illustrative and provides a great introduction to the topic in an approachable way.
  4. JavaScript Programming: A Step-By-Step Guide for Absolute Beginners: This is a great book for beginners who are looking to educate themselves about JavaScript. Java is a major component of many programming tasks and being familiar with it can be the different between success and frustration at work or in school.
  5. Programming: This Book Includes: Machine Learning+ Python Machine Learning +Python Programming: This book focuses on machine learning for Python and is a great beginner’s guide to coding language, computer systems and machine learning. This book teaches coding language at a beginner level and also discusses application of coding knowledge in the workplace.

Any of these books can provide a great start for anyone looking to jump into computer science classes or the tech world to work as a programmer. For women who have been interested in these jobs but have felt like they did not know where to start to get their feet wet, these books are a great resource to help get them started! Knowledge is power and becoming comfortable with the basics of coding is a great start on the path to a fulfilling career in programming.

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